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i have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my acne. But my skin is pale and sensitive...which equals major problems when trying to find a gentle, yet POWERFUL routine. Last week i went to the store and bought some things i hadn't tried- i think i've finally found the right combonation, because it's only been a week and already my breakouts are fading and i have only gotten one really little pimple, that was gone by the next day!!! My face is also clearer, smoother and softer too! Anyway, i wanted to share my routine with all of you in hopes it might work for someone else. so here's the brands, and the system in which i use them...i hope it contenues to work for me, and you too!
*Exfoliate with St Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub-
(it's really gentle, and had meds in it!)
*Wash with Clearasil Stay Clear Cleanser
*Use Clearasil Stay Clear Deep Cleaning Pads- (every other day if you dry out easy.)
*Neutrogena Skin Clearing moisturizer
(a "pea" size amout is more than enough!)
*wait at least 5 mins. before applying make up.
*Wash make up off before cleansing
*Wash with clearasil cleanser like before
*Fallow with Clearasil Pads
(to make sure all that makeup & oil is GONE)
*Apply Neutagena Clear Pore Treatment
*Finish with neutragena Skin Clearing Moisturizer
(if needed.)
Ok, that's it! it isn't as much as it sounds...and if it works who cares how long it takes??? ha ha. anyways, it seems to be working for me, so give it a try. i'll give you updates and let you know if it's still working! i should also say that i'm on Erythrocin- but it's only been like two days so i know that's not what's doing it. but i'm hoping my routine and the antibiotics together will work! anyway, i'll keep you posted!
bye for now!

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