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Hey there, just went to the derm yesterday and he classified me as having mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Tell me something I don't know. So he prescribed me with 100mg of Minocycline to be taken oncedaily. I just want to know how well this medication worked for people with the similar condition as me and how long it worked, etc. For the past month I've actually been taking 5-6g B5 and I'm clearest I've been in a year. Should I continue to take B5 while on Mino? I told the derm about B5 and he had no idea what I was talking about but he said to bring him in medical articles about B5 so that he could learn about it. Anyone know where I could find this info? Sorry for the 20 questions, but I'm most interested in finding out people's experience with Minocycline whether positive or negative. Thanks!
I was on Mino for about a month. I had a horrible reaction to this medication. After about 3 weeks I started feeling really dizzy and had severe headaches.If you experience any of this, be sure to consult your doctor. I'm currently taking 100mg once a day of doxycycline. This drug seems to have fewer side effects and works just as well as Mino. Keep in mind that some people have no negative side effects from Mino, and maybe you will do fine with it.
I was on mino and for the first 3 weeks I was very clear! But I felt dizzy alot. After 3 weeks it stopped working, now I am on accutane.

Good luck.
Please be aware that long term antibiotic therapies can play havoc with your system.

I had abnormal liver function tests on eurythromycn and kidney problems on tetratcyclen. But no problems with accutane. Go figure!

Also, keep mind you will have to stay on antibiotics for a long time (years) to keep suppressing the acne bacteria (as well as the good bacteria your body needs to fight of fungal infections). You also run the risk of developing antibiotic resistant acne. I did and that's why I was switched to accutane.
One good thing....

Your derm is asking for the research paperwork on B5.

It seems he is interested in keeping abreast potential new treatments.

There is one website that has the study done in Hong Kong. Do a search for B5 acne.
Minocycline didn't work for me. If you are taking B5 and it's working - why change?
I did 3 months of Minocycline and it has made a great improvement in my life. I took it from April - June, and now being November I am still just as clear as I was back then. After a month of taking them I noticed I wasn't getting any new cysts, and by the end my skin was just great. It still is. I get the occasional little pimple around my period, but that's only one a month and it's nothing compared to the painful, deep cysts I used to get. So far, so good! Good luck!
I'm on Mino right now. I've been taking it for about a month and a half, the first two weeks it made me break out really bad. Now I notice no changes since and actually it might actually be getting worse. I think if this fails, I'm just gonna ask to be put on Accutane, I don't care anymore. My acne is considered mild to moderate but I've had it for so long that it's become alot more than that mentally. Plus anti biotic medications only work until your body becomes resistant, after that you'll have to find another medication and another, until eventually they find a real cure or until you die.

Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to hold off on taking any antibiotics.

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