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Jul 28, 2002
Hey guys! I am new here and i think this board is just great. Finally i can talk to people that understand what it is like to have pimples. I don't have many but i have 3 right now and that is enough! Well i want to use the egg mask but i don't know what is better? the egg yolk or the egg white for getting rid of acne! Which one is it? Also i wanted to wear it at night but i use retin-a-micro at night which works good and i dont wanna skip a night and risk getting more pimples.. ahh what should i do? lol
The egg *yolk* mask is the only thing that really works for me. I did it last summer and saw my school picture and realized my skin was really clear and I wasnt getting red marks, and the ones I got didnt last long. The only reason I stopped it was because it was hard to do with school and all. Now I've been doin it for like two weeks and theres only improvement(knock on wood), even with my pimple popping addiction! I dont see how it could get stuck in your pores and more than any other treatment? What I do is wash my face, then in about an hour I apply the egg yolk, leave it on all night, rinse it off with warm water and once the egg yolk is pretty much all off my face I do my usual morning face washing.
The egg yolk mask is for dry skin and the egg white mask is for oily skin or skin with lots of whiteheads/blackheads.

Leave the mask on only long enough to dry, about ten minutes or so, then wash off. Use it once a day for thirty days.


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