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My Experience
Mar 2, 2002
Hello. I have been suffering from acne since I was 13 years old, and now I am 16. I know that 3 years is nothing compared to some of you, but I can still relate to some extent. Before the acne my skin was somewhat sensitive, but nothing unusual. I noticed a small bump on my chin one day when I was 13 years old. I knew what acne was from my older sister who was 15 years old and had mild ace at the time. She gave me a benzoyl peroxide cream (it was Oxy and I think it was like 5%). I just dabbed it on the pimple and when I woke up the next morning it was gone. I was very happy. I was exremely unwise and started using my sister's harsher face washes and topical medicines. My face got a little worse but I continued to use the medicines. I had topicals on my face constantly. My mom scheduled a dermatologist appointment for my older sister, and she decided to schedule one for me too. The dermatologist told me my acne as normal and to use a gentle wash. He also prescribed me these wipe things that I was told to use at night. I don't remember what they were called but they smelled really bad. Anyway, I used my face wash which wasnt very gentle and all those topical medicines during the day, and at night I used these wipe things. I would let the wipes sit on the pimple for about an hour before removing them. My acne continued to get worse. I had also begun to notice that red spots were still around from where I had old breakouts from months before. I did not pick at my acne because I knew it could cause scarring.
I continued with this for a couple of months but my skin still got worse. I went to the dermatologist again. He prescribed an antiobiotic, Monodox, and a topical, Benzamycin. My skin somewhat cleared up, but it was only temporary. I started breaking out and went back to the dermatologist. He prescribed Minocycline and Cleocin-T. I cleared up but once again it was only temporary. I went back several times and was prescribed several topicals and antibiotics. Differin worked very well for me for several months but it stopped when my dermatologist told me to start using the Differin Wipes, which he said would work better. Nothing seemed to work for me for a very long time. I started running track as a freshman and the antiobiotics made me sick whenever I ran. I stopped taking the antiobiotics the dermatologis prescribed to me. Eventually I stopped going to the dermatologist. I still had leftover prescription topicals and I used those. Over the summer I went through a month where I didn't do much for my face. It cleared up dramatically. I have a picture of me that was taken during this period and my face was very clear.
But then I started to shave and broke out again. My acne had previously only been in the T-Zone but now it was on my cheek. It got really bad. I started using my prescription topicals again and I would be able to control the breakouts for only a short period of time. My right cheek got extremely bad with acne and hyperpigmentation.
I decided that I was not going to take pills because of track. I do distance and run several miles a day. I plan on getting a scholarship for track and I don't want to deflate my performance. Can anybody give me some input about antiobiotics and exercise? Is this all in my head or should I not take the pills?
A few weeks ago I stopped using the harsh cleaner I had been using for a long time (Brevoxyl 8) and switched to Neutrogena Oil Free Wash. I only used Neutrogena On the Spot cream, which s only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. I started drinking a lot of water (8 liters a day) in addition to 1 liter of lemon water that I read about on this board. I stuck to a normal diet and I still eat pasta on occasion (Hey, I'm a runner and I need my carbs!) My face is gradually getting clearer and clearer but there are still problems. I have very bad hyperpigmentation and my overall skin tone for my face is red. I am naturally a dark golden color and when I look in the mirror and put my arm against my face it just seems so strange to think they belong to the same person.
I know that I made a very big mistake in the beginning by using all those medicines. I should have never gone to the dermatologist. I honestly think that the reason my face got so bad was because of the harsh matter I treated it in. I overdid it on those topicals. I feel so stupid when I think that maybe my face would have never gotten so bad if I had just used a normal regime with a gentle cleanser and a light topical like I am doing now. I feel like I wasted a lot of time and money (well my mom's money) on those antiobiotics. I woke up today and my face looked the best it has looked in a very long time. I am only washing my face at night and applying a little bit of that Neutrogena on the Spot stuff. I have not gotten a new breakout in a while. I have purchased Mederma and I plan to use it for my hyperpigmentation when the acne has cleared up. I will be drinking tons of water everyday. Can anybody give me some suggestion on how much is too much? I'm afraid I might be drinking too much.
I am very pleased with my regime I am using. It is a lot easier and I am seeing results. I am sorry this post was so long and boring. I just wanted to share my experience. If anyone has any input for me please reply! Good luck to everyone

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