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This is kind of long but it just may save you a bunch of your hard earned money.

I was about to order proactiv today when by some miracle street cents (a show in canada) reviewed it today. Street Cents is a show which helps teens and young adults save their money by testing out popular products and telling you honestly if they work or not. They also help people get their money back for crappy stuff and etc. They have a web site but since we're not allowed to post them I thought I'd just cut and paste their review of proactiv.

ProActiv Solution
Will this three-piece acne system zap zits for good?

Viewer Letter
Hey Street Cents! My name is Qasim Khan and I’m from Newmarket, Ontario. My sister and I were watching an infomercial a few days ago for Guthy-Renker’s ProActiv Solution. It is an acne system.

The two of us really wanted to order the system, but we both had the same question: Does it really work?

Could you guys please help us out so that we don’t bust 40 bucks on a piece of crap?

Street Cents Response
ProActiv Solution is a three-piece acne system that’s supposed to improve acne after three to six weeks.

A company called Guthy-Renker sells the ProActiv system through infomercials.

Street Cents asked five teens to test ProActiv Solution. Each teen got a two-month supply of the products and used them as directed.

After two months, one out of the five testers said she liked the products enough to buy more. The other four testers said they didn’t see great results. They all still had pimples.

Street Cents talked to dermatologists about ProActiv Solution and the ProActiv infomercial. The dermatologists said the ProActiv infomercial is misleading because it makes viewers believe ProActiv Solution is the best way to treat acne. The dermatologists Street Cents spoke with said there are many products available in drug stores or by prescription that will be just as effective, if not better than ProActiv Solution.

Because ProActiv Solution is overpriced and because the infomercial misleads people into believing ProActiv Solution is the ultimate answer to acne, ProActiv Solution is STREET CENTS REJECTED.
The 411 on ProActiv Solution
ProActiv Solution is a three-piece acne system that promises to get rid of pimples and boost self-esteem.

It is one of the best selling acne systems in the world. The company says it sells more than $250 million worth of products a year.

The ProActiv Solution kit includes a daily cleanser with benzoyl peroxide, a revitalizing toner with glycolic acid and a repairing lotion that also contains benzoyl peroxide.

Consumers can buy this kit off the Internet or via telephone for two payments of $19.95 US. Altogether, that’s $86 Canadian for a two-month supply. That includes shipping, handling, exchange and customs charges.

The kit also comes with a free sample of the ProActiv refining mask. The mask contains sulfur, which is supposed to absorb oil and soothe inflammation.

Anyone who orders the ProActiv products becomes a member in the ProActiv Solutions Clear Skin Club. That means the company will automatically ship a new kit every two months. To opt out of the club, customers have to call the customer service number and cancel membership.

Dermatologists say ProActiv Infomercial is misleading
ProActiv Solution is a three-piece acne kit that is sold via infomercial.

The infomercial has been on television for about six years. Judith Light (Remember her from the television show “Who’s the Boss”?) is host of the infomercial. She interviews people who claim to have used the products and saw great results.

The infomercial also features the two inventors of ProActiv Solution – Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan. They appear to explain how ProActiv works and why we should buy the products.

The ProActiv infomercial makes strong claims such as:

Users will have “complete freedom from worrying about blemishes”
ProActiv combines the most effective medications with the finest skin care ingredients
There is no other product like ProActiv Solution
“You’ve got nothing to lose except your blemishes”
Imagine . . . no more pimples.
But the dermatologists Street Cents spoke with said these claims are misleading. They said people will never have “complete freedom from” blemishes because there is no cure for acne. We can try to keep it under control, but we can’t get rid of acne for good.

The dermatologists also said the infomercial is misleading because many of the people in the infomercial have severe acne. The dermatologists said most people with severe acne need more than a topical treatment such as ProActiv Solution if they want to see results.

Even the infomercial says the product is designed for people with mild to moderate acne, not the severe acne as they show on the screen.

Dr. Fields told Street Cents that the infomercial shows people with severe acne because the television wouldn’t show mild or moderate pimples very well. She says the infomercial also shows “the most amazing cases so it motivates more people” to use the products. But dermatologists told Street Cents that most people with severe acne will not have success with ProActiv Solution.

The ProActiv infomercial also says the secret ingredient to ProActiv Solution is compliance. Compliance means using the products every day. This is not an ingredient and it’s not a secret. The dermatologists Street Cents spoke with said everyone should use compliance, no matter what acne product they’re using.

Finally, the ProActiv Solution infomercial says ProActiv is different from other acne medications we can buy at the drugstore because it contains “prescription grade” benzoyl peroxide. Health Canada told Street Cents that term is misleading.

The term “prescription grade” may lead viewers into believing ProActiv contains prescription medication. But, Dr. Fields told Street Cents that the ProActiv company made up the term “prescription grade”. She says the company uses the term to explain that the benzoyl peroxide in ProActiv Solution is a higher grade of benzoyl peroxide than is usually available at the drugstore, but cheaper than prescription products.

A real prescription benzoyl peroxide is a higher concentration than over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide. Over-the-counter benzoyl-peroxide can be up to ten per cent in concentration. Prescription benzoyl peroxide has a higher concentration than 10 per cent.

ProActiv Solution has a 2.5 per cent concentration. That means it’s an over-the-counter product.

Since Street Cents viewers asked about ProActiv Solution and since Street Cents questioned the ProActiv dermatologists about the term “prescription grade”, a new ProActiv infomercial has started to appear on television. This infomercial doesn’t mention “prescription grade” benzoyl peroxide.
The ProActiv Solution Street Test
Street Cents decided to test ProActiv Solution to see if its claims are true.

Five teens with acne volunteered to test the products. Two of these testers had severe acne, as the people on the infomercial do. The other three testers had mild to moderate acne.

Street Cents gave each tester a two-month supply of ProActiv Solution. The testers followed the directions and used ProActiv every day.

After two months, one out of the five testers said she liked the product. This tester had mild to moderate acne when she started. She said her skin has never looked better and that she’s ordering more of the products.

The four other testers had a different experience. These testers said they saw little or no change in their acne. These testers said ProActiv Solution wasn’t worth $86.

Two of the testers said ProActiv Solution made their skin dry. Another tester said he ran out of the two-month supply and had to get more.

Street Cents rejects ProActiv Solution
ProActiv Solution claims to contain “the most effective acne medication available” and be “the answer” to pimple problems.

But, most of the Street Cents testers had spotty results and didn’t think ProActiv solved their acne problems.

ProActiv Solution does have a money-back guarantee, but that doesn’t include the costs of shipping and handling, and customs charges. And, if we send the product back to the company, we have to pay those charges again.

At $86 a month, Street Cents says ProActiv Solution is a rip-off. ProActiv Solution and its infomercial are STREET CENTS REJECTED.

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