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Dear Jamie.

I am a first-time poster. Lately I've been searching for options to minimizing my acne scarring as well as needing to reduce the cysts below the obvious skin layer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading you post as I could identify with your frustration. You want these scars fixed NOW and with the least pain and money--I do too. So I approach the problem this way:

My first stop was to the Binky Derm to find out his opinion for getting rid of the scars. And also, what to do to get rid of the tiny cysts that still inflame. What good is it to invest in the final touches if one good cyst that explodes can destroy all that effort?

Binky Derm had NO idea about repairing scars and said it would have to handled by a plastic surgeon. Well, I'm not going to a surgeon until the cysts are under control. So, Binky Derm gave me the obligatory Rx for a topical antiboitic (I adamantly REFUSE and strenuously object to oral antibiotics for treating acne). By God, these derms will get an antibiotic prescribed if it kills me!

Binky Derm couldn't even suggest any of the peels to begin to reduce scarring. I had to go online to learn more about the peels, went to the bookstore to buy a book on skin care and cosmetic surgery and have stumbled onto this wonderful Healthboard. (I've had an excellent time reading the Old Guy's posts on BHT.)

At this stage of my Pursuit for Perfect, Pockless Skin, I have started a series of 6 microdermabrasions, with glycolic acid peels and then after I've completed these, I'll maintain what I've accomplished with monthly peels. I do not expect to get the final results with these peels. I fully expect I'll have to find someone who does laser resurfacing.

Which is why I'm surprised that the plastic surgeon was pushing dermabrasion. Everything I've read so far on the Internet about this procedure indicates this is quickly becoming outmoded and laser resurfacing is proving to be much more specific to deeper scars. Do you know if he was able to do CO2 laser or is he able to do the erbium and Cool Touch lasers? These are supposedly "friendlier"; less down time than dermabrasion and CO2.

Within the year, I will be moving to the next step of repairing the acne scars--laser--but in the meantime, I'm going to work on the cysts with the information gleaned from Old Guy's post. I've been reading a lot about the use of pantothenic acid for remedying cystic skin. I can't wait! Regards, Pat Brown

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