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hey as you know that i have scheduled 3 appointments for consultation of my acne scars.... today i saw a cosmetic surgeon... i'm going see an aesthecian with 20 years experience this saturday...and then on tuesday i'll see a dermatologist specializing in acne scarring this tuesday... anyway, here's what happened when i saw the cosmetic surgeon today...

--- well, first of all he walks in and he asks me what was wrong... and i told him that i had acne scarring on my cheeks and he said, "oh definately do..".....and his room had 4 windows where the sun was shinning in (i was screwed!!)...hee hee...then i asked if chemical peels or microdermabrasion could help my acne scarring and then he said, "not at all!".... i was kinda pissed when he said that.. then he told me that dermabrasion was the best option for me....and then he told me that dermabrasion was basically where they froze your skin and took a diamond like spinning wheel and they scrape your skin all the way down do your dermis.. (basically like the red and pinkness under the skin)...basically he said that it's like scrapping your knee... he told me that my skin will be red for like 10 days...and new skin will grow... he said the microderm and the chemical peels are very superficial..... he then said that people expect 50 percent better results with their skin...he said it'll cost me $1200 . i left kinda confused.... i mean, the thing is that his office performed microdermabrasions and chemical peels for like 100-200 dollars....if he really wanted to he could have suggested i get those and make just as much money cause i planned to get enough until my skin showed improvement (and i was willing to get as many as needed!!!).....but the other thing is that maybe he is just saying that because he knew that 5 microderm treatmetns around 500 dollars would have given the same results as one dermabrasion which is 1200 dollars.... i dunno.... but i kinda liked what i heard about dermabrasion... it sounds really harsh... i guess it's like the rubbing your skin till it's raw method, except here it's more smooth and more controlled...but still dermabrasion sounds harsh....i mean, i asked if there will be hyperpigmentation or additional scarring with this procedure and he said not likely.....but then he said nothing is guaranteed when it comes ot the face..but if you think about it...there is new skin beneath the face and i just got to get to that level....i dont want to get rid of the superficial layers .. i want to go to the root of hte problem , which is much lower... i dunno.. i'm confused... i'm going to go see an aesthecian with 20 years experience this saturday so i'll let her know what this guy told me and i'll let you know what she said.... but it's kinda cool getting consultations right now cause it's giving me options.. i am sick of wasting my money on creams that wont really do what do you guys think/? HAS ANYBODY had DERMABRASION? did it help?? by the way, i asked about all the lasers and he told me that it'll cost more money and i'll get more chance of scarring and it'll cost more money (he did have the cool touch laser in his office).....maybe he is giving me his best advice...he also said that he prefers if the patient has been off accutane for 2 years... (it helps the skin heal)...he said between 1-2 years is ok....i have been off accutane for over a year now and i'll probably wait until this fall to get this procedure... i'll have enough money i think... he also said that i could get as many microderm and chemical peels i want before this treatment so maybe i'll get a couple of microderm and chemical peels and see if it's helping out...if it is, then i'll forget the idea of getting dermabrasion cause it's money down the drain... i just hate wasting all that money...maybe the peels and the microderm won't even work!!! maybe i should just get the derm and save some money... i so basically let me know what you think.. and please if anybody has ever had DERMABRASION, please let us know about it did it show some improvement?? what is the downtime?? etc!!!.... thanks!! i might post asking about dermabrasion later... but i'll definately post what the aesthecian says on saturday.....well seeya later!! good luck to all

- jamie..

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