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Hey Rag , I forgot to ask you.. where exactly are your breakouts? chin, forehead, cheeks,?? I only ask cuz some breakouts could mean different chin is mostly monthly (hormonal), or digestive problems.. Forehead is usually something with the small or large intestines. Have you ever tried any enzymes? Papaya enzyme is great. You can have one after your meals .. I buy mine at walmart not expensive at all about $3.00. I get the chewable ones, they taste pretty good not gritty or anything. Some people don't agree but I know from experience & other people who have seen good results from taking enzymes. I forgot what is in the purefect skin.. was it minerals?? if it did help I am sure you could find something like it at an health food store for alot less.. By now I am sure you know I am into the whole health/herbal supplements, I have been researching & using them for a long time now. (I am in my early 30's) so I have had alot of time to test & try different things .. I think the natural approach is really the best way to get to the root of a problem. I never had any skin problems until I was 30, so I know mine was hormonal.. Since using everything I have mentioned before I have seen such an improvement in the way my skin looks & feels. Like I said before my main problem now has been these little bumps on my forehead, which I thought were I am not so sure. But the vitamin A is really kickin its butt..(whatever they are). I would really try papaya enzyme along with everything else. Also just wanted to add that some women are having great results treating hormonal acne with the help of bc pills diane or yasmin.. have you considered trying them?? I like the alternative approach.. it has really worked for me but some people may benefit from other things( bc pills, etc.) Hope to hear how you're doing & what you decided to try. best to ya!

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