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I know no one's answering this topic but here's some more info:

I had thought that since this is sold in powder form that maybe we could also use this on our face as some sort of mask or spot treatment. Sure enough Natren sells a face cream and a mask, but they also gave a recipe for your own face mask:

(Taken exactly from Natren)
"Russian and Bulgarian doctors have successfully used topical acidophilus or bulgaricus pastes to treat acne for decades. You can make a similar paste—start by mixing 1 level teaspoon of L. bulgaricus powder with enoughfresh aloe vera (scraped from the inside of a leaf) and distilled water to form a smooth, spreadable paste. Afterwashing your face, gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Apply the Probiotic paste to the entire face and neck area. Leave the paste on for twenty minutes or longer before rinsing it off gently with a clean washcloth and warm water. In addition to clearing up acne, this paste speeds gentle facial exfoliation, while smoothing and softening the skin’s texture. It also tightens pores and softens lines and wrinkles.


Take 1 capsule each of L. acidophilus and B. bifidum (or 1/2 teaspoon each powder), along with 1/2 teaspoon L. bulgaricus powder mixed in 6 to 8 ounces unchilled filtered water, two times daily. May be increased to 2 capsules L. acidophilus and B. bifidum, and 1 teaspoon L. bulgaricus, three times daily.

Instead of the above regimen, take 1 or 2 combination capsules that contain all three super strains in an oil-matrix carrier, once a day.

Apply topical homemade Probiotic paste, once a day for at least two weeks, depending on the severity of the acne.

For maintenance, continue taking the above oral regimen two times daily, and continue using the Probiotic paste twice a week. Also apply Probiotic face cream daily in the morning and evening."

Aside from: Kyolic, Nutrition Now, and Natren (seems to be the BEST of them), there's American Health, Nature's Sunshine, and CFS Nutrition brands that look really good (there's plenty others out there)

Natren, American Health, Nature's Sunshine and CFS Nutrition all state that Probiotics should always be refrigerated, so you should make sure they are sent with a cold pack, in case you planning on purchasing online (especially during the summer) instead of your local store.

So despite the price I'm still going to purchase Natren and if it doesn't work for me, then I know that it will NEVER work because I supposedly bought the "best" and most potent out there. Through my bit of research on this, you "get what you pay for". The more money you shell out, unless it's wholesale, the more good bacteria you are purchasing (& HOPFULLY the more pure the product). Ex: 1 million-7 bucks, 1 billion-$15, 5 billion-$30 and this is based on 30 capsules from different brands.

This was also taken from Natren and here's why it sounds so hopeful:
" Nutritionally helps deter yeast overgrowth (candida). • Aids in lactose metabolism and enhances digestion of milk products. • May improve nutrient absorption. • Helps normalize elimination problems. • May block the attachment of bad bacteria in the urinary tract, including the vagina. • Helps alleviate gas, bloating and upper G.I. problems. • Produces hydrogen peroxide H2O2—found necessary to inhibit vaginal yeast. • Neutralizes the formation of toxins. • Assists in cholesterol management. • Protects the walls of the large intestine from colonization by invading bacteria or yeast. • Inhibits bacteria which can alter nitrates into potentially harmful nitrites. • Produces B vitamins. • Assists in the support of healthy liver function. • Helps to promote regularity. • Encourages an acidic intestinal environment which strongly inhibits less desirable microorganisms. • Contributes to the growth and viability of the beneficial resident microorganisms (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, etc.) by supporting their growth and activity. • Helps the body digest complex carbohydrates and proteins. • Helps to increase the bio-availability of minerals, especially calcium. The absorption is doubly important in lactose-intolerant individuals who may also experience a deficiency of dietary calcium. • May also produce antimicrobial substances antagonistic to various bad bacteria. "

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