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I had meant to update this post sooner, but you know how life loves to keep ya "busy". Anyway, like I had mentioned I was planning on using 2 types of probiotics for treatment. So for the first few days I was taking the Healthy Trinity internally and have been testing American Health Acidopholus Liquid (kinda thick) as a mouth wash and spot treater ONLY(no irritation and some inflammation goes down with each application---that's with 10 BILLION CFUS per Tablespoon which I divide up for those uses. I'm probably only putting 500,000 million CFUs on each zit).

I haven't had any more or less acne as a result of taking it nearly 2 weeks ago Tuesday. I have broken out with like a few zits some small ones and a few cystic-under the surface ones (the sore kind) so I applied the American Health Liquid Probiotic on it and it went away! It's not an overnight treatment, but it does what its supposed to (perhaps the more potent the stronger the zapping ability). I also tested it as a mask this past monday and it gently tightened & softened my skin, and helped decrease what few acne I have left.

Sometimes it takes several minutes to several months for acne to form so I'm sure I'll probably break out a bit more (that is even if lack of good bacteria is my problem) It usually takes 3 months for one to notice a Positive change (yet overnight for the negative...sigh), but hopefully at these prices it happens a bit sooner ;-)

However initially I was only going to take Healthy Trinity every other day , but I noticed that I didn't have any menstuaral pain, so I took it daily as a test. That first week I was on my period and I believe that it helped/eliminate my horrible crippling pain. Ha I used to take 1800mg - 2400mg of Motrin daily until I found Gingko Biloba 3 years ago. Then I went on Avandia a year ago and that and some Ginkgo combined has worked 95%-100% of the time. So when I started taking 1 Healthy Trinity capsule a day, I noticed that my stomach wasn't hurting (no cramps or spasms). Usually I'll feel a little wierdness before it starts to really hurt and that's when I'll pop 1 or 2 Gingko caps (or take my Avandia tablet if it's around that time), but I didn't need to. So since that Wednesday evening I haven't been taking any Ginkgo and at the time I had ran low on Avandia so I wasn't even taking that once a day. So....nothing is certain yet, but I'll know for sure next Month. I certianly wouldn't mind paying a bit more for a product that improves digestion, keeps me healthy & acne free, and pain free =)

First of all, apparently there's a test we can do to determine if the bacteria in the products we are purchasing are alive or potent enough. It's called the Yogurt Test and apparently you put some amount in milk and wait for it to ferment. The faster it ferments the more potent it is. You can use individual strains or blends. If it doesn't ferment it means it's dead. Unfortunately I found this on a website/BB talking about candida infections but I can't seem to find the amount used for the test.

2nd of all, I am now taking only 1 Healthy Trinity capsule every other day and it has decreased my oil production and I think that it has gotten rid of my mild yeast infection (thanks antiobitics). Also some say that it may not even be potent enough but I AM seeing changes (for things I wasn't even expecting)and there is definately lactic acid being produced. I don't drink sodas so I rarely burp, but I have made a small one occurs sporadically (might be because I took it while eating, doesn't happen when I take it before I eat) 20 min or so after taking 1 Healthy Trinity cap. and it's probably due to the Hydrogen Peroxide that's produced or the Lactic Acid bacteria.

Also my Liquid Acidophilus is also acidic. I used to gargle with it once a day, but I haven't done it in a few days, however it didn't leave my tongue feeling funny (like pineapples do), but it did leave the back of my throat feeling slightly wierd (for the rest of the day) if I had drank too much citrus juice. 10billion CFUs may be too strong , when I start using it again as a mouthwash I may need to use half a tbsp. instead.

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