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Thanks for that tip Collie. Sigh...guess what? I developed an ear infection yesterday (it was just moderately painful) and woke up today with my right ear clogged (annoying feeling). So I tried to get an appt. but they referred me to some TeleNurse. She reccomended using some ear drops to get rid of the waxy plug (didn't feel like that) and when I went to the pharmacist he reccommended I take Pseudafed. So much for my natural alternatives (i stopped taking the Natren cuz I ran out of money).

Later in the evening it was feeling worse so I went to the emergency room and my left ear had some fluid behind it but my right ear was "badly infected and they'd have to blast" The last part was a joke, but they ended up giving me Augmentin. It's a combo of 875mg of Amoxicillin and 125mg of Clavulanate potassium (prevents bacterial resistance to Amoxicillin). The good news, I get to take it for 10 days so my acne might clear!!! =/ The bad news is that I need to take as directed (take all medicine) because it's "soo powerful" it will kill ALL bacteria in my system. So if I stop taking beforehand, the bacteria will become resistant and since the infection is close to the brain, I could develop meningitis. =?

What I found interesting though is that the doctor told me that Augmentin had side effects and that I should eat food to prevent nausea and eat yogurt to prevent diahrrea. Apparently the Clavulanate is a product of some other bacteria and will cause the bacteria Clostridia Dificil to overflow in my colon. Lucky me, haven't been sick in years and haven't had an ear infection since I was like 3 *that's what I get for staying up late). So now I've gotta take this crap and supplement with all the probiotics and organic yogurt I can afford (maybe I won't break out afterwards).

I know you don't want to take another pill, but probiotics also come in powder and liquid form. Some strains are heat resistant while others require refrigeration, it's up to you to decide which might be the most effective for you. Also, if you take yogurt it should be organic and/or unpasturized because it would have the most positive effect (more good bacteria). Natren actually sells a yogurt mix that you can do yourself, which is probably the best choic. Also you can make your own kefir from coconut milk (since u don't want to use milk) or buy that stuff Body Ecology Diet sells. Hmm, perhaps your local healthfood store might sell this too. It is supposed to be much more nutritious and effective than yogurt.

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