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I gonna stop taking minocycline cuz it sucks, and i might start taking B5...which is better??
I just started taking minocycline. Why don't you like it?
Does anyone find Minocin and Tetracycline Similar? I am using Minocin but my drug plan wont pay for it so I have to switch to Tetracycline. Is there a big difference?

Dana {=c)
I was on Minocycline and they switched my to Doxycycline and said it is more effective and that my insurance would cover the full cost and not just partial as it did for the Minocycline. Don't know about the Tetracycline, maybe you should ask about Doxycyline because I've heard it doesn't cause your skin to become too sensitive.

I think Minocycline is very effective but after a while it did seem to loose some effectivness. I wouldn't stop taking it if you want to take b5 also. It took over a month for me to see the Mino. making a difference.

I took both of them together and found that it almost cleared my moderate acne of almost 6 years. I would just say to make sure you take the B5 and Minocycline at least 45 minutes to an hour apart. I've done a little bit of research and taking the 2 at the same time isn't a problem, but actually taking them at the same time could, if that made sense.
My insurance will not cover Minocycline or Doxycycline. Basically, anything that is worth while taking they wont cover

They will cover Tetracycline. They will also cover Minocycline as long as I've taken Tetracycline for over 90 and it wasn't effective. I have the records to show this so it's just a matter of them accepting it or rejecthing it.

If They do reject me I can take TEtracycline or I can go to Accutane. I'm a female and I'nm a bit worried about taking it because of the birth defects. You also have to use a BCP which I gained a lot of weight from when I took Diane 35(which works wonders I might add).

Where does everyone stand on this issue?

Dana {=c)
TBone-I forgot to ask you about B5.

Give me the details...

Who, where what? Why? How... forB5

Dana {=c)

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