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hi stasia,
I have been on B5 for 10 days and i did experience some initial break out, i think, but after that my witeheads have almost gone and my skin feels smoother due to less clogged pores, i recomend using Perri 15% glycolic acid with the B-5. it should prevent the skin from overdrying in areas other than your t-zone while you are on B5 and will also help the de-clogging of the pore process. but getting back to the B-5 dose i am using health aid 750mg calcium pantothenate (b-5) but the timed release version, this works well for me as you can take a morning dose and a evening dose but it releases it gradually throughout the day without having to take them thoughout the day, and the bonus is that it also gives you a suply throughout the night aswell. i have been taking 4.5grams which is 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon( you do not have to worry too much about timing if you use timed release). it is highly likely that you will get an initial breakout which only lasted me 4 days, but you could try starting with a lower dose and you can also drink alot of water which should help to release toxins.
one more note i live in the U.K. but i think Health Aid is available in the U.S. (just enter a search). Most of all do not pick and just try and forget about your skin, i hope this helps and goodluck, yugo

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