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I recently just started eating yogurt about five days ago and have not broken out at all. I used to think that my acne was always caused by diet, but am starting to believe that it really is not the main reason whya I am breaking out. Yogurt is supposed to be good for people who have acne and have been on antibiotics for a long period of time (I have been on meds for about 6 years).

Below are parts of various articles about acne and consuming yogurt that I find on the internet (some are for eating yogurt and some are against conusming it)

Article 1

I have heard others suggesting to eat one container of yogurt a day for acidophilus. However, I do not recommend this for several reasons. Many people don't like the flavor/texture of yogurt, the amounts of acidophilus may be too variant also, the ability for acidophilus to survive from the processing, distribution, and storage cycles that can be several weeks may be a problem. Therefore, you should purchase acidophilus from a health food store in standardized doses found in capsule or tablet form. From my research it appears that doctors and nutritionists are recommending either two or three capsules/tablets daily. You should supplement your diet with acidophilus before each meal.

Article 2

The second condition which produced the acne is the overgrowth of P. acnes. The antibiotics you are taking will help rid you of this overgrowth. However, as you have noted, the antibiotics also interfere with the normal bacteria in other parts of your body, so that the bacteria and yeast which are not killed by the antibiotic can overgrow, and give you yeast and urinary tract infections. One way to handle these infections, and still keep taking the antibiotics, is to eat yogurt with live cultures of Lactobacilli -- check the labels to be sure you have live cultures. If you don't like yogurt, or you can't find the right kind, you can ask your physician to write a prescription for Lactobacilli. Lactobacilli are harmless bacteria which replace the bacteria that the antibiotics have killed and crowd out the bacteria and yeast which are causing the infections.

Article 3

An antibiotic cream or oral antibiotic is sometimes prescribed for acne. If so, add acidophilus because antibiotics kill friendly as well as unfriendly bacteria. Eat plenty of sour products, such as yogurt. Benzoyl peroxide, an active ingredient in many acne products, helps in mild cases.

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