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ive been using it for about a week and a half now and i was feeling a lot better. not as many , and now no spots, i thought my skin looked alot healthier and glowing. all was well. but now ive noticed a gradule build up of under the skin white heads/ bumps in the places i used to get spots. its quite distressing as this is mostly everywhere and my skin looks even more unhealthy and under lights it looks awful with lotsa lil bumps.

will these go away ??? how long will it take
shall i stop the egg yolk mask incase it makes more or is it really and truly gettin rid of all the crap?

ps im on tetracycline too i know this is working cos when i went off it for 2 days i broke out badly.

thanx xx

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i know exactly how you feel. i've been doing the mask for almost 3 weeks and i'm still getting little rashy-type/open pimples. they're not huge or anything, and they don't hurt, but i don't know. i'd say stick with it- that's what i'm going to do at least for a few more weeks. if you're itching or something, then definitely stop or if your face is much worse than it was before the mask, then stop. but i think some of us (especially those like me) are impatient, when acne treatments always, always, always take at least a month (usually) to see results.

is your acne mild or more moderate? mine's more on the moderate side...and i think most of the people who've been trying the mask have pretty mild acne (or else they'd probably be afraid to try it, you know?) which may be why they're seeing results a lot faster. i could be wrong, though.

anyway, hang in there. i know how you feel. hugs
oh yeah, and i forgot to add that i don't think you'd break out horribly after being off doxy or whatever for just 2 days. i could be wrong, but usually it takes about 2/3 weeks or more for the bacteria and stuff to come back (that's how long it took me anyway and my acne was pretty crazy). it could have been just a coincidence. i'm not trying to discourage you or anything, cause doxy usually works for most people. how long have you been on it? that could also have something to do with your egg yolk problems.
hello thanx for the replies

im on the antibiotic tetracycline and have been for a month and 4 days...i think ill be petrified when i go off it if its been workin or not! do u think probiotics r worth trying for this reason? anyway currently ive no spots as such just the mini pimpley things about 3 next to each other on my forehead which r a little red and my face still feels and looks in certain lights as if theres lotsa lil bumps. sigh. but i used to have moderate acne with lotsa pustules etc esp on my cheeks and strangly between my they r gone woooo. so ill take ur advice and stick at it for longer. u say uv been doin egg yolk mask for 2/3 weeks r u clearish apart from the wee rashy bumps? i think from what ive read they r quite common with egg yolk...weird.

anyway thanx for the advice n hug
yeah, my skin is much better than it was before the egg yolk mask. but the rashy ones are bugging me, especially since it's been freaking 3 weeks, and the bumps that you're talking about- they freak me out cause i'm really paranoid about permanent scarring and that's kinda what they look like in certain lights, you know? or maybe they are little raised scars and i just didn't notice them before...i guess i'll see.

yeah, i've read about probiotics and i think i'll probably get some, too.

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