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Ok people, I have popped 14 pills already, at 2 a day, that is 7 days. and yes thats a week. right now I am very happy with the results. I think I went through the initial breakout which consisted of 2-4 pustules pretty big red pimples. And a lot of little white heads that u cna only see up close. But I woke up today with no whiteheads or anything else. and finally today I can see a big change in the oil.

As for sideeffects. Lips are kinda dry nothing terrible. And my face is also dry. Putting moisturizer on doesn't seem to help, because the moisturizer gets bunched up with the flakey skin adn just stays dormant on my face. (however, there is alwyas a solution to every problem. right) yes there is, pure aloe vera gel. Works as a great mosturizer, and because it is clear it works great.

One dissapointment is that the small bumps on my forehead are still there. Notthing hideous, but they are pissing me off. Maybe thats because my forehead is still the only part of my face that still gets oil. OH well, hopefully my forehead will get better soon and I will have next to perfect skin.!

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