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unless it is a very mild cyst... im not so sure you are going to get it to dissapear in less than 2 weeks. my rule of thumb that i use, and so do many others, is to try to leave the cyst alone. attempting to pop them and just messing around w/ them may cause them to become more severe, or leave worse scars. do you see a dermatologist? they have methods of taking care of cysts, but even they cant make it "dissapear" in a matter of days. thats the thing with cysts, they are a (you know what). my advice would be to wash ur face as you normally do and use whatever medication you have on it, wether it be over the counter or perscription. if you DO infact get an oppurtunity to pop the cyst (say it broke while you were washing ur face) you can squeez it. try to get as much fluid out of it as possible, but you're not gonna get it all. and DONT, once again, TRY to pop it. only if it breaks on itself. and besides all that... just give it time . not too much else i can say. sorry for the not-so-pretty details. good luck.

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Originally posted by Contego:
Does icing really work? I heard that icing sets the cyst deeper into the skin, but I'll give it a try. Thanks for the advice.

That is possible, but only if you do it too much or press too hard with the ice. Anything can irritate them and cause them to break. However, icing does help quite a bit with swelling, even if it's only temporary. Wrap your ice in saran wrap or a tissue and just let it lay on the cyst for a minute or less. Don't rub it around or press on it.

Alot of people also recommend hot compresses but only do that if you want it to get bigger and come to a head...I wouldn't recommend that unless you really have to pop it. The best thing in my opinion is to ice gently, apply bp on it and then leave it alone...don't even touch it. Sit on your hands if you have to =)

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