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sounds like the same thing only Skin Culture is a do-it-at-home kit. It doesnt worrk for pitted scars unfortunately but does do wonders for red marks and evening skin tone. I was very happy with the results and i have never again had such bad acne since. Now i get pimples which honestly do not bother me if it wasnt because of the red mark they leave which because i am so fair is just so noticeable. I wish i had darker skin. I see girls with like marks which you can tell are from pimples but it doesnt look so bad cos their skin is darker. But red on white does not look good!!

Oh another thing. This peel is much more effective if you are fair skinned. Like i said, i would do it again, i would do it tomorrow if i could take a week off and just relax at home. Unfortunately cant do that right now so im just moisturising a lot with vitamin E cream and using a Kojic acid gel which is very good but by no means to yuo get the same spectacular results.
Hi Jani,

The instructions i received with the peel said nothing about not doing the peel if yuo had been using any of those products you just said. About microdermabrasion i cannot answer because i've never had it and i'm not really sure what it consists of. What exactly are you using on your skin rihgt now? When i did the peel all i'd been using were OTC topicals, you're regular neutrogena products which contain salycilic acid, though i imagine in verry small quantity. I was also using the neutrogena salysiclic acid wash. I never even considered this when i did the peel, but of all the information i got none of it mentioned any incompatibilities with doing the peel.

You're right, there is a help line, there's a phone number you can call and ask all the questions you need. In fact when you receive it they tell you to phone them first before commencing the peel (its because they tell you to do a patch test first, this patch test also lasts a week, they tell you to do it under your chin and just a tiny area the size of a coin, that is hardly noticeable and wont interfere if you have to go to work etc, so my advice if you're thinking of taking a week off to ddo the peel is take it off when you're gonna do your whole face, not the patch test).

Im gonna let you in on a little secret here. When i was doing it i would apply it at night for 2 hours then scrape off the excess... well one night i fell asleep... can you believe it!!! i woke up in utter terror and immediatley called the helpline. They told me that it was ok that if i felt any discomfot to apply some of the moisturiser they provide with the pack. So, see? It's not so daangerous after all. Hey, maybe thats why it worked so well for me, lol, cos i fell asleep with it on all night long!!!

No, but seriously, it wasnt so terrible cos you're not supposed to wash it off after aplication anyway, just remove the excess.

Hey, i really wanna do another one now!!! Snot fair!! wish i could!! Hey, why dont we agree to do it the same week??? lol. i could take the time off i guess... ummm.... something to think about. How much is the 4000 peel now?
Naw.. dont worry about "scraping" the excess off, its the word scraping that sounds scary, its just a wooden spatula they give you to remove the cream. You're not supposed to rub it in, you just apply it to your whole face, wait two hours and then remove whatever the skin hasn't absorbed. It does not cause any scarring, believe me.

However, yuo're having microdermabrasion which may not be good. I really can't advise you on that one. If i were you i would find out because your skin may be very sensitive due to the micros. Ask your derm!!

Yeah!! i'd love to do another peel, if only cos it makes yuo look 5 years younger in just one week!!!

It is so cool to wake up one morning and see your skin looking sooooo good!
s1241... Im pretty sure it will help reduce the appearance of those scars though it says it does not remove pitted acne. However, i dunno if micro would reduce pitted acne either. from what ive read on here its pretty difficult to treat and only those saline or collagen or whatever injections seem to be the solution.

whatever the case, and if yuo also have red marks, the peel will definatley make your skin look loads better. What is microdermabrasion then? everyone talks about that, what is it exactly?

I certainly hope things go well for you that week. Like i said, if an emergency occurs with your kids just slap on a ton of make up, it wont do you any harm, ok.

Husband seems to be a bigger probelm to me. He's gonna freak when he sees you after the 2 night. Be prepared for him saying youre crazy to try something like that. It's gonna be tough but no pain no gain.

Where in the states do yuo live? is it hot? you could always say you fell asleep in the sun and got a really bad sunburn. Just a suggestion.

best of luck


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