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Glycolic Acid
Oct 17, 2002

What exaclty are Glycolic Acid peels, are they to remove acne that wont go away or are they for the red marks left over from it.

I have heared so much about them but it doesnt really explain what the are for really, i did a search on internet but it was just selling them and didnt explain.

How many do you have to have to get rid of the scars/acne?

By how much does your skin improve?

Does it hurt?

What happens when you put it on your skin? burn/sting
what happens after it to your skin? does it peel? badly?

what is it, a gel, cream?????

sorry i am so confused about this, i need something though that will get rid of my marks!!!

Do they do this at the dermatologists place, or do they only have them for home use?

very confused.........

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