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hey gotta read this... ok... as you know, i was thinking about going to LA to see dr. sire. well, reality hit and i thought, why not try a peel first... i mean, i tried the microderm and superficial peels...that really didnt do anything..maybe helped it out about 5 percent...anyway....microderm didnt do anything!!! so then i thought, i'll just get some peels.. i heard the more deeper the peel, the better the result.. so i got the phone book out and started calling places... i called this one place, and the guy who picked up the phone said, "dr. (i couldnt understand waht he said ).. but i heard hte doctor part.... he sounds like he was really old....anyway.. i told him about my acne scars on my face...and then he said, come to my office and i'll put you on peels....and then i asked if the peel would help and then he got cranky and he said, "how old are you? you sound like a child!! what kind of question is that? of course it would help. i 've seen thousands of cases of diff. people's faces and their results., what have you seen?".....basically he was condenscending.... he sounded really old so i thought he was an old cranky man, so i let it at that... basically, he told me to come see him this saturday and that he woudl give me a peel.. he said all his peels costed 60 dollars each session!! and then he said that the peel that i get depends on how my skin looks.. he said if it's pretty bad, he'll put me on a TCA peel ...he said he has different conc. of tca peels... (60 bucks for a TCA peel?!! that's insanely CHEAP!!! dont you think?) anyway....i am scheduled to see him this saturday.....i am kinda scared to see him cause this could be some guy posing as a doctor.. i mean,....he answered the phone when i called this place. i dont think he has a nurse or a secretary.. (what doc answers his own phone?)....but you know, anybody could put on a peel.. it doesnt take a genius to do that.. i'm thinking he's perhaps a retired dermatologist who probably gets all these free samples for these peels..that's why he is selling them cheap....i mean, i hope he's a doctor.... but seriously... i think i'm gonna go see him and see what he says.. i mean, i think a peel will help with the discoloraton and a little with the scarring... i saw this girl who basically had flawless skin and she told me that she had a series of obaji skin peels and it worked for her..... i mean, think about it guys.. the face supposedly has one of the greatest regeneration rates for skin... i mean, why do we still have scarring/ i think it's time to get to the root of the problem.. i think it's time for a peel..and i'm not talking about your fruity/citrus acid peel .. i'm talking about TCA peel....and if he can give me a TCA peel for 60 bucks, i'll go for it.. do you think it'll be safe for my skin? (i have brown skin)... people say that the phenol peel (the deepest, will destroy all melanin)..but they didnt say anything about the TCA peel ... oh well... i hate this face... i want to dip my face in sulfuric acid and do it over

- jamie

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