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im not sure what kind of doc he is.. i mean, whether he's a derm/cosmetic surgeon... i found his ad under cosmetic i guess he's a cosmetic surgeon.. but seriously.. if i could get a TCA peel for 60 bucks.. that's not bad huh? i heard they are really expensive.....i mean, let's suppose he's not a doc.. can he mess up applying a facial peel?? it's not like i'm going for dermabrasion... i'm sick of the real docs i've seen.. this one cosmetic surgeon told me that i should go for dermabrasion and that my downtime would be 10 daya (which is a crock!! i heard dermabrasion's downtime is longer)..and this other cosmetic surgeon told me that my skin will look better with microdermabrasion.....well, that didnt help at all.....i think it's all about the peels.. .. i dunno.....i just hate docs that are out to make money......anyway, i'm still seeing this guy on saturday.. just dont really know anything about the TCA peel..but i'll tell him to go on a low setting peel to be a little safe.. i not going call this guy and ask him his crudentials again over the phone. i'll just see him saturday and see him face to my horrible face.

- jamie
Microderm uses some stupid ridiculous wand that recycles aluminum oxide crystals, I believe that's what it still uses. The aesthetician picks a strength and works it's way up each treatment. It does nothing besides help on color. And only leaves your face mildly red for about a couple hours.
I wouln't know if that would help your face cause I really don't understand what your referring to.
If your talking about pores, none will actually make your pores smaller, only look smaller or even bigger.

One good thing about micro derm is, it can help with certain types of acne. Usually mild-moderate.

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