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I hate acne because of what it has done to my personality.

I have had acne from the age of 13 till the age of 26. I cannot remember a time during this period when I did not have acne. These are our formative years - the years when we are growing into adults and forming our own personalities seperate from those of our parents. Unfortunately, I was always sad and depressed during this period because of acne. I stayed inside and did not go out. I cried my self to sleep so many nights. I swung from moods of deep depression where I could not get out of bed, to fits of rage (towards acne itself) where I would funnel my rage/energy into lifting weights/exercising (another solitary pursuit).

I twice attempted suicide. Thank God for the sake of my friends and family, I was not successful.

Then at the age of 26 I was finally put on Accutane. Almost overnight my acne was gone. I could not believe it at first. After 14 years of a constant pus filled, red, swollen, infested acne face .... I was now normal. I thought that my clear face was just a cruel joke by someone (God?) and that my acne would return. It didnt!. When I realised that it wasnt coming back you cannot believe (maybe you can) how happy a day it was - I cried!

For several years after this I was acne free and happy - just living a 'normal life' as a 'normal person' - nothing more and nothing less .... just as Id always wanted.

Im now 32 and have recently had to face my next obstacle. ACNE SCARRING! It appears that the natural levels of collagen in my skin have began to deplete as Im gettting a little older now, and my scars have become apparent. Dont get me wrong, they are not hideous or overly obvious. I thanks God for that. I know that there are people on this board who are in this position. All the same, I feel cheated. Every time that I look in the mirror I see scars. I know (or at least think) that they are forever. I havent really yet come to grips with this as yet - but Im getting there. I feel as though I could have been and done so much more......

So here we all are now trying to either find a cure to our acne or our acne scaring. I dont know what the answer is or where it lies. I wish the Internet was around when I was younger - I would have had the knowledge to get on Accutane sooner - get clear of acne and lead a normal life.

Believe it or not, I do try and stay positive about my acne scarring - but %$*k is it hard.

Peace and love to everyone out there listening - and good luck!

(thanks for listening)


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