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Acne has killed my confidence. All I do these days is sit in front of my computer, play videogames or train at the gym (my only real hobby). I never do anything with my friends on my freetime anymore. Needless to say I never talk with anyone of the opposite sex. I was a lot more talkative and outgoing three years ago, before pimples invaded my face. I was pretty popular with the girls too back then.

My face looks horrible. I saw my reflection on a window today and almost started to cry. It looks that bad. I have red marks all over my cheeks, scars and indents on my forehead and cheeks, pimples everywhere on my face (about 20 ) and some enlarged pores. All in all my skin horribly uneven and does
not definately look like a 17 year old guy's skin. It's more like some 40 year old drunk beaten'up geezer's skin!

I've tried everything : antibiotics, microderm, AHAs, tons of over-the-counter stuff, egg yolk, milk, changing my diet, brushing for scars...none of these really helped much. Even Accutane didn't work well for me: for the first four months of my six month course (40mg/day) I kept breaking out. I was 95% clear for like 2 months at the beginning of the summer but now, three months after my last accutane pill, the zits have started to come back. Not as bad before though (no more those big mothas that first sit on your cheek for a month and then leave you with a hideous scar, thank god), but I'm scared that the cysts will come back .

My parents don't seem to care about my problem. My old man had severe acne in his youth (his skin still looks pretty awful with all those scars and indents, even though he'll soon turn 50), but still he doesn't support me in any way. He never wants to talk about my acne. My mom does listen to me, but she just keeps telling me the usual crap (You wouldn't breakout if you'd just wash your face more often, it'll go away with time etc.). So I really have no one to talk about my problem. All this sadness and hatred just keeps growing inside me.

Sorry for making such a negative post, but I just had to get this out of my head before I killed someone.

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