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My Story.....
Sep 9, 2002
Hey All, thought i would just come on here and tell you about me and my skin.

I am 20, and i have had bad skin for about 4 years now, and it is totally draining, the amount of times i wake up and think my skin feels better and quickly go to the mirror only to see all the red marks still there.

I have just been on Minocyoline or whatever it is called and it stopped all my whiteheads coming up but i was still left with the red marks.

I stopped a couple of weeks ago and they have all like totally come back now.

Is it just me or does there ALWAYS have to be a certain amount of spots on your face at one time, like i feel one going and think cool, thats one less, only to find another under the skin ready to come up nearly straight after the other one goes.

My sister used to have them when she was younger and i didn't and i hate myself cause i used to always be nasty to her about it (i really hate myself for that now) then she cleared up and i got them.

In a way i am glad i got them because i am so much closer to my sister now because i am in her postion and i have also learnt to look at people from the inside not the outside.

Now heres the thing, its coming up to 11th September again, i thought to myself one year on, what have i done with myself....the answer? Nothing, Why? because i care what people think of me and my skin.

That really scared me because its like one year of my life gone and i havent done nothing.

I know this is easy say now but life really is for living, and we have to get on with it and not worry about what people think or what we think people think, i know myself i'll probably look in the mirror tomorrow and just think "oh sod it i'll do it tomorrow my skin will look better then" but what if we don't get a tomorrow?

I am sorry its a bit long winded i hope you all had the time to read it but all i guess i wanted to say is next time you are worried about your skin, just say this out aloud "there's always someone worse off than me"

I'll keep you updated with how it goes for me.

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