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B5 is panthionic acid (sp?).

Listen, I'm like you. Started having major hormonal acne at age 26. I'm 37 now and still dealing with it. From all the things I tried, birth control pills were some of the best for my acne. Using a birth control pill and then a topical like Retin-A I was able to have TOTALLY CLEAR SKIN/MAKEUP FREE!!!!!

I first tried the Ortho-tryclclen, the Diane 35. Both worked. Haven't used Yasmin, but it works along the same lines as Diane 35 by increasing your SBGH hormone and estrogen levels and blocking testosterone activity in your skin cells.

You will probably have some transitory side effects like breast tenderness, nausea and headaches in the first two months. But that usually goes away. It is just your body adjusting to the new hormone levels. So don't freak out if this happens.

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