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Well, since I dry out so easily, I usually wash with only water. I was using Purpose liquid soap for a while since it's supposed to be so gentle, but even then my face was so dry?

Recently I tried using Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser. It's nice because it's a creamy type cleanser, so it doesn't seem to dry me out bad at all. Regardless of my wash routine my breakouts seem to be happening the same way over the last 6 weeks.

Some days my breakouts are 'normal', meaning they look like everybody elses breakouts (you know, 1 or 2 pimples). But, if I have a bad day, it looks so much worse since I still have so many red marks around from old breakouts.

I guess I should be thankful that I am not getting the huge pimples I was getting earlier this year, but not sure that I can completely credit this to B5. I mostly stopped getting those type of pimples before I even started B5. But maybe the B5 is keeping me from getting these?

I always wonder how my acne looks to others. My wife says she never even notices it, but she's my wife, and she's supposed to say that. :P (though I believe her, because she is not superficial, and even though she breaks out, she doesn't even CARE...wish I had her mentality).

I am seriously thinking of stopping ALL other vitamin intakes. I took 75mg of zinc back in the summer, and I started to suffer all kinds of other ailments (red spots of forearm, and a bite on my left arm that got so infected I had to go on antibiotics). I heard that zinc in larger doses can inhibit your immune system, and I think this definitely was the case for me. Since I have stopped the zinc, no oddities like that have occured.

I have been popping multivitamins for the last 18 months, and my acne is still the same. So I might just try the B5 solo from now on.


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