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0. How bad was your ACNE- Moderate

1. How much did you take?-My dr. calculated the dosage with respect to my body weight.

2. How did it work for you? It worked really well. I donot get those big pimples anymore. Pretty much I donot have acne at all other than every now and then due to hormonal changes.

3. How long did it take until the BAD started to turn into GOOD? (How long was it until you saw results?)About 2-3 months

4. How long have ou been off of it? About five years.

5. If you have been finished with it for more than 5 months did your Acne come back? No.

6. If so, was it worse than before you started Accutane?

7. How bad were the side affects you experienced? My skin got very dry, my lips too. My lips bled because they were constantly peeling.

8. I've heard your face gets red... How red and how long?It was moderately red during the treatment.

9. And is it really that red that it bugs you when your around people or in the light? Basically is it a big deal?No, it was not a big deal to me but everybody is different. Remember, it is a temporary condition.

10. I heard about a side affect that gives you major back pains... Is this really MAJOR and does it really hurt or is it something you can get through? I have never had back pain with Accutane. My main complaint was very dry skin and lips. ALos, my eyes felt dry and itchy too.

11. How bad was your initial breakout from Accutane? Moderate

12. And How long did it last? Couple of months.

13. Any other things that you liked of didnt like about Accutane.

14. Would you say it was a good choice you made in your life? Yes.

15. How did it change your life? Being acne free feels good, really good.

16. If you could describe Accutane in "one to four words" from your experience, what would it be? (Examples: Dangerous, Life Saver, Changed My Life, Didn't work overall) Changed my life.

You may get different side effects than I listed. When you go to the dr's office he/she will have a talk with you regarding the side effects etc. You will receive a pamphlet too. Your dr needs to monitor your cholestrol level periodically while you are on Accutane, b/c some people's cholestrol shoots up while on it. Getting pregnant on Accutane is an absolute no-no, it does cause birth defects. If you are a sexually active female your dr may ask you to use two different birth controls while on it and few months after stopping it.

I just went to the derm today for my 2 week check up and she increased my dose to 60 a day (actually alternating 40/80) since I was not having bad effects and my bloodwork came back okay.

So far after 17 days:

My scalp is dry and itchy. I used to get greasy hair about halfway through the day. Now I'm washing every other day.

My skin was a lot oilier at first but I think that's because I quit Retin-A and Clinac when I started the Accutane. Now it's less oily.

Less pimples already! No breakouts, but the blackheads and other small stuff (yuck) are kind of working their way out.

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