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How bad was your ACNE (Soft, Moderate, Severe)
sever, (cystic)
1. How much did you take?
40 a day
2. How did it work for you?
very well (am still on it)
3. How long did it take until the BAD started to turn into GOOD? (How long was it until you saw results?)
2 months
4. How long have ou been off of it?
not off it yet (had 10 month stint, coming up to month nine)
5. If you have been finished with it for more than 5 months did your Acne come back?
don't know yet!! But haven't had a live pimple in 2 months
6. If so, was it worse than before you started Accutane?
my face is so much better, but I am still on it
7. How bad were the side affects you experienced?
blood nose, sore eyes,dry lips, persistant redness, sore joints. All my side effects are constant, but I Knew what I was getting into when I went on the drug!!
8. I've heard your face gets red... How red and how long?
MIne gets really red, because I naturally blush a lot. This is the side effect that I hate the most. i have started taking vitamin E tablets and that has reduced the redness a bit. ( I take three tablets not sure of the dosage of each)

9. And is it really that red that it bugs you when your around people or in the light? Basically is it a big deal? For me the red was a big deal. If it happens to you try the vitamin e tablets.

10. I heard about a side affect that gives you major back pains... Is this really MAJOR and does it really hurt or is it something you can get through?
I have not had any back pains
11. How bad was your initial breakout from Accutane?
pretty bad, I got a lot of "green" cysts
12. And How long did it last?
about 2 months, it was pretty horrible
13. Any other things that you liked of didnt like about Accutane.
I found that on accutane my skin fattend out a lot and some of the scar (indented) diminshed a lot. The one thing that I hated was the red marks that are left over since pimples, but by what I have read they will go away after I get off this stuff
14. Would you say it was a good choice you made in your life?
yes definaly i didn't want any more scars
15. How did it change your life?
it has not make me happy with the scars on my skin (I don't think anything ever will) but I am pimple free which is at lease a help
16. If you could describe Accutane in "one to four words" from your experience, what would it be? (Examples: Dangerous, Life Saver, Changed My Life, Didn't work overall) life saves (no more scars)

best of luck!!

I know these are alot of questions but EVERYBODY on this board is sopposed to be here for eachother to share thier experiences & help eachother out.....****If your going to answer try to answer them in order or re-state the question in your answer so we know what your talking about****.. Help me out please.These questions will help me and I'm sure they will also help many other acne sufferers on this Message Board. PLEASE! Anybody who can answer. Help me and Help other people on this Message Board out and answer these..Thanks Alot! (PLEASE)

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