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Re: SweetJade1
Sep 15, 2002
Hey again =)

Well I am still using the IsoCare products and they do help with my skin, but they are not the sole answer for clear skin (at least not for me). When you have screwy hormones, NO amount of skincare products will ever "cure" acne, but this is the best regimen I've had yet! =)

There's about 10 companies out their that are following the Natural and Scientific ways of "chirally correct" skin care. They all vary in prices and this company is one of the few that I could afford. So these are the products I've tried or have repurchased in the last 8 months:

Skin Control Cleanser: Softens, cleanses, and doesn't strip your skin! This lasts me 4 months because I don't wear much facial makeup, however it would probably last 3 months if you do wear a foundation.

Skin Control Gel--only lasts 2 months from daily use, so I don't use it every day. It lightly moisturizes, softens, heals, and helps eliminate some acne.

Skin Control Toner---DO NOT SPRAY THIS! It caused me to caugh and irritated my nostrils, so apply with a cotton ball. While the above 2 products are gentle this definately has some more powerful ingredients. I still have my first bottle of this because when I started this program I was still breaking out and i wasnt sure if this was helping or not. I've got this persistant underskin cyst right now that I started testing this product on again last night, so I'll let you know ;-)

Blemish Gel (don't remember the name)-- This stuff seems to work, but it's not as fast as they said it does. I think they sent me the old formula though because it doesn't match what they have on their website. I guess that would be my only gripe about this company (their updating their website and packaging), otherwise I do like them. Hmm..I may have to use this on that zit too.

Like I mentioned above I have a good regimen, but I'm still missing a mask (may have to search for an affordable chirally correct one) and may I need a gentle but strong zapper for when I do get a really persistant zit. Anyway this is what my daily regimen usually consists of:

1. IsoCare Skin Control Cleanser
2. Credentials Glycolic Serum
3. Paula's Choice BHA 2% Solution (liquid)--as spot treatment
4. Dream Products Face Dream Lotion mixed with Coppertone SPF 30 Gel (greenish bottle)

1. IsoCare Skin Control Cleanser
2. IsoCare Skin Control Gel
3. Paula's Choice BHA 2% Solution (liquid) (maybe all over, or maybe as another spot treatment)
4. Bye Bye Blemish

Acneic skin will always exist and we know that certain cosmetics and skincare that they are capable of breaking us out. So despite a what diet change can do for you, you still need to use the RIGHT skincare. Something that doesn't hurt, and better yet might treat your skin too.

(bumping that thread for u)

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