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Dr Sy (her focus is on rosacea. Accutane is prescribed to treat severe cases of it) in response to an accutane patient.

"My suggestion is to try using just a good lip lubricant as many times as you need to. I found
the Bag Balm, a veterinarian product used for horses' hoof (no kidding) quite helpful for dry cracked accutane lips. This comes in a big jar. You
can purchase this from any pharmacy. Buy a small sample empty container (clean it well) scoop out a small amount of bag balm and carry that with
you. Apply as many times as you need to. This is very inexpensive and quite soothing. Good luck.
Linda Sy M.D.
Linda Sy Skin Care

PS...Mr Right is right about cetaphil. It is non-comdogenic and very gentle.
You guys are a huge help! I used Cetaphil cleanser for a while, but it made me break out in a rash. Now I use Eucerin cleanser and like it. I never tried the Cetaphil moisturizer, though... I'll have to give it a shot. I have been using bath & body works lip balm, but it doesn't work that well and I am constantly re-applying.

I am going to stick it out. My acne was only moderate to begin with, so my gut feeling is that this will make it disappear. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

It's weird to run my fingers over my chin and feel nothing but little scales, but it doesn't actually look that bad. It's a little red, and of course I have to keep re-applying moisturizer or it is covered with white flakes. All in all my acne is not as noticeable right now. I am drinking lots of water and trying to blot my face every time I exercise.

The other big hurdle is joint pain. I am training for a marathon and run almost every day. I noticed during my last few runs that my lower back and hips were hurting. I've started to do a few more weight exercises focusing on those areas, but don't know if it is helping. Any suggestions for joint pain on accutane?

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