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Hi, i haven't been on this board for a while, but some of you may remember my self allergy testing diet that failed to produce conclusive results. I recently tried a few different things and have come up with something that seems to work about 95% and has for the past couple months. I'm trying to be a business entrepaneur and actually thought about selling this information on the web, but then I remembered buying packet after packet of information/supplies that didn't work. So I am giving this information in the hopes that it may help at least one person on this board. And maybe if it does help others, I may decide to sell it... who knows. First of all let me say that I believe this will only help certain cases like mine. I don't believe this will work for teenagers that have only had acne for a year or two (but you are willing to try). if you've had acne for 4 or more years and for no apparent reason your skin 'starts' to get better for a couple days every few weeks, this may be for you. Let me just say that this is not a diet, and at this point i eat whatever I want, but the diet I was on did help somewhat while i was on it. Anyway here is the complete regimen, take it for what it is worth:

1)For a couple weeks do not use any cleansers, soaps, exfoliaters, creams, oils, or acne mediaction on your face. Stop taking all oral acne medications that are not helping. Instead, wash your HANDS with a mild/natural soap, then rinse your hands thoroughly. Then Rinse your face with warm water 3-4 times a day when neccessary with just your hands. Before bed rinse your face with warm water in the same way, but then rinse with 'cool' (not cold) water afterward and pat dry. Notice I said 'rinse' not scrub, and 'warm' water not hot. When in the shower, do not touch your face at all, even with your hands, just let the water flow against your face, until it feels clean. Believe it or not, after a week or two your face should not be very oily, and may even get dried out, this is good.

2)The next thing is to buy a very soft facial brush, some rose hip oil, vaseline, and neosporin. Do not try this step until the first step works. Ok, rinse your hands as in step one and rinse your face as in step one with warm-hot water. 'Gently' brush your face going from the top of your nose area outward and down your face. Nice gentle strokes evenly down and outward until you've gotten the whole face (don't overlap strokes), then do the same with your forehead. Be very gental! Then rinse your face with warm water, apply 5-10 drops of rose hip oil to your hands, then splash with warm water on your face again, then grab a fingers worth of vaseline and apply to hands evenly, then splash with warm water on face. Then splash cool water on face and pat dry. Your face should now look somewhat oily, but not gloppy. Go to bed, and when you get up follow step one as usual. Start out doing step 2 once every 2 days. If your face gets too dry then you may do it every day, if your face gets too oily then do it every 3 days. 2 days works for me.

3)I don't know how much it helps but I believe it does help some, I take a cap full of flax oil a day.

4)for guys, if you shave, try to shave every other day with a mach 3 or something similar and a shaving cream for sensitive skin. splash with cool water when done and pat dry.

5)Apply a small amount of neosporin on razor bumps, heat bumps, and anything that seems to come up quickly and for no reason. Do not put on regular pimples. after an hour or so, you could pat off the neosporin with a paper towel. Put neosporin on any pimple that has already been popped. And continue to put it on that spot until it has scabbed and shed. If you feel a burning sensation anywhere (i get it around my temples) you could apply a light coat of neosporin in that area. Do not put anything on regular pimples that have not been popped.

6)I know this is a touchy subject, but do not masturbate. Whether you think this effects you or not, I know it effects me (produces one large bump a couple days later).

7)most of you know this already, but most importantly learn not to touch your face at all, especially after having eaten something or at work/school.

This has worked for me, and you may alter this to suit your specific case. I am not in any way an expert, but this works for me and I am finally happy. If It seems that i may have left something out, you may of course ask me a question in this post. Please do not complain unless you followed this to the T. I hope some of you try this, and GOOD LUCK.

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