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Yes, please go ahead and try it. I use it with cetaphil cleanser bar to make it softer - it's wonderful. BTW, I use it every morning and night while washing my face - reason - systems like proactive have 'grains' in their cleansers which means you exfoliate every time you wash so I reasoned, I can use baking soda the same way. Exfoliation is important for two reasons: unclogging your pores so that your skin breathes (did you know bacteria hate oxygen - read this somewhere!) and 2) removing the dead skin cells so that your medicine penetrates the skin. I have been using baking soda now for about 3 weeks - can honestly say it has made a HUGE difference. Another thing, there are now new microdermabrasion machines (used in salons and Drs. offices) that use baking soda instead of the aluminium crystals. These machines are advertised as being better since baking soda is safer - so baking soda looks like the way to go. But be VERY GeNTLe even with baking soda - never scrub your skin raw.
I've been using baking soda to exfoliate along with spectro gel at the same time. It works really good, my skin fells great after I use this combo. As long as your not to rough, it should work pretty well.

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