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Another kind of beauty fluid for you ladies that works nicely is Origins A Perfect World. It's made with white tea and smells terrific. It's $30 a pop, but the bottle goes a long way since you only need less than a pea sized amount for your whole face.

I haven't been using a regular moisturizer lately because I'm waiting to begin using Sage and I don't want to break out before it gets here, so my skin needs a little moisture, especially around my nose and inner cheeks. I use it only when I need to wear makeup to help it go on smoother and to hydrate the flaky patches. The stuff works wonders. It has a slighty thick, almost gluey consistency, but goes on the skin like silk and leaves it very soft and radiant. It has a very balancing feel...dry spots are softer and oily spots are drier, and it is completely undetectable on your face. It just seems to sink right in.

I'm not quite sure if it does anything to help fade red marks because I only use it in places where I don't have them, but it might be worth checking out. I'm also not sure how comedogenic it is - the ingredients check out fine according to the lists I use, but you never can tell how your skin will react to one thing or another. I personally haven't had a single problem.

There is one problem however...this stuff is seriously addicting! And unfortunately, I'm going to have to stop using it once I begin using Sage (I want to try that exclusively for at least three months) but maybe one day, I'll be able to incorporate it into my regimen.

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