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OK sorry to bring this up again.
What is the best was too get rid of the red marks left behind by acne? Because I have a few spots right now but a hell of a lot of red marks which is making me dread looking in the mirror except in the evening when things look good.
Basically I have the neutrogena pore defining toner (alpha and beta hydroxy formula) which is meant to reduce redness. It contains glycolic acid etc. I also have the multi- vit skin clearing moisture lotion which is meant too help clear marks from past blemishes and help prevent new ones forming. That contains vitamin A, E and provitamin B5.
Does anyone have any experience of these that they could share? Obviously I dont want too use too much stuff however desperate I am too shift the marks! I have an MSM cream which also contains the vits A, E and D along with aloe vera, jojoba oil, collagen etc.

I mean what do people here use to shift them. I may use the toner and moisturiser in the morning and then the toner and MSM at night too see how that goes.
Also one more thing ) When you go on accutane, when you finish I heard the red marks all go quickly- is that true?

Anyway, any feedback or experiences or just anything would be appreciated loads


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