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Hey Mike! I'm so happy you like the Sage poo...I was hoping you would since amber and I kind of talked you into it =)

I don't think washing your face every day with the poo will hurt your skin - it's very gentle. I have sensitive skin and use it twice a day. Maybe just use it at night and splash your face with cool water in the morning, or vice versa.

I use the corrective grains as well, but here's where you might want to be concerned. If you use the sample you got, only use them every couple of days once a day before you use the poo. If your skin is really sensitive, overusing them can irritate you, but you do need exfoliation. The first week or so that I used them, my skin was slightly bothered but I was using them twice a I'm stil using them twice a day with no problem. Read the directions on the back...if you use them like it says, you should not have a problem. I believe it says to use a quarter sized amount or less and imagine your skin is a flower petal that you do not want to scratch. Whatever you do, don't scrub. The grains are *very* gentle, but scrubbing is no good.

I used to use a crap load of Old Lady Cream to buffer with because I was really dry when I first starting using the line. Now, I'm using all the really aggressive products with no Old Lady Cream or any moisturizer (other than what SPF and Smoothing Cream provide.) My skin has never looked better.

Here's what I do every day:

SPF 25
20% Smoothing Cream

20% Smoothing Gel
10% Fix Zit thick all over

This combination has been working wonders for me. Red marks are fading and most of my zits are either gone or really worried =) Better yet, these products have put the "glow" back in my skin. I feel and look like I have brand new skin every morning. The first two or three weeks were really tough...lots of breakouts, redness, irritation, peeling...even using some of the lower strengths and buffering with Old Lady Cream. I jumped right in so I could get the nastiness over with quickly, but at the same time, I worked my way up slowly, let my skin adjust and things are great and have been for two weeks. My routine is aggressive and I would never recommend it for someone just starting out with this line - you have to work your way up slowly. And I know you are really insistent on not irritating your skin, so unfortunately, some of these Sage products are not for you.

On the same token, there are some basics you do need from their line if you want to help your skin clear without irritating it. Do you like benzoyl peroxide? I know it gets a really bad rap here, but personally, I've found after trying countless BP solutions that I hated, Sage makes the best ones. They have two versions, Fix Zit and Miracle Zit. Fix Zit is a gentle version with aloe, chamomile and other soothing ingredients - this comes in strengths as low as 2.5% and as high as XX w/ sulfur. Miracle Zit does not contain any of the soothing ingredients and personally, I do not like it. It left me red and yucky, no matter how little I used. Fix Zit has not caused any redness and really helps to keep my skin clear.

Based on what I know about you, here's what I'd suggest. I know you have the poo and a sample of the grains, SPF and Old Lady are worried about irritating your sensitive skin but are oily and want to clear your skin. First of all, nothing you have is going to actually clear your skin. It will definately help though in preventing future breakouts that are due to using comedogenic ingredients on your skin. But as far as clearing your existing pimples and keeping others from popping up, you have to go to town on them...respectfully of course!

Here's my suggestion.
splash with cool water
SPF (use Old Lady Cream after this but only if you need it - I doubt you will since you are oily and SPF has plenty of moisture in it)

grains (every two days and then after you adjust, use them as needed)
Old Lady Cream (to buffer Fix Zit until your skin adjusts - after that, you probably do not need it anymore)
Fix Zit 2.5% or 5% thick all over (every other night and then after adjusting, every single night)

I know you don't have Fix Zit so next time you order, ask for samples of it. I would definately suggest investing in a full size bottle of the SPF they sent you. It's crucial to use this every single day. If you like the grains, go for that too. I find Old Lady Cream unecessary now, so the sample you have will probably be just enough for you. All you really need are grains, poo, SPF and Fix Zit.

A few helpful tips:
Always wash with cold water...never hot or even warm.
Do not use Fix Zit or other benzoyl perozide during the day - it is photosensitive and causes your skin to burn faster and easier when exposed to the sun.
Wear SPF every single day of your life. It will help those stubborn red marks, I promise. Sun damage is the number one cause of lingering red marks...the sun retards the healing process, so a red mark that would normally take 6 weeks to go away will take months and even years without proper sun protection. Personally, I've found that my acne and red marks are much worse and always take so much longer to go away on the left side of my face (drivers side window) but now with SPF, it's balanced out and everything heals very quickly.

Sorry this is so long! Please let us know how you are doing and remember, my advice is just know your skin and what it can handle, I don't. Listen to what it tells you and you should be fine.

Good luck!

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