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Originally posted by Mike03:
hey jad,
well im still having problems and i hope that this is just the initial break out because my skin just doesn't feel too great. i think barbara is still sick because she really isn't replying to me much at all. i really don't know what to do or use. I have the regular strength poo and i don't want to use it because its too strong for me and then grains just don't seem to work, they leave my dry and still like sand paper feeling. I have so much dead skin on my face that its pissing me off. Got any advice?

What you use should not be causing an initial breakout. That only happens when you use the treatment products (like BP and AHA/BHA products.) You are only using the cleanser, grains, SPF and moisturizer, right? I have a feeling it's definately something else that caused your *could* be the grains since they contain BP but I doubt it because it's such a small amount and it just gets washed right off. You said you broke out after you played volleyball for 15 hours, right? That could be it...or maybe something you ate. It could be anything!

The grains are a catch-22. You need them to get the dead skin off your face, but they dry you out so maybe cut back. I don't know how much that is going to help though - that dead skin is just going to keep building up if you don't get rid of it. I would stick with it for now if I were you...switch to the sensitive shampoo and keep doing everything else - wash at night, SPF every day and grains every few days. Like I said before, I don't think your breakout was caused by anything that Sage did to your skin, but it's possible you just need to adjust to them like I did.

I'm sorry Barbara is not getting back to you. Something must be very wrong with her...she usually posts on her board every single day and emails back within a day. I hope she will be back soon. In the meantime, try emailing Joanna or someone else at Sage. You can find the email addresses at the website. I would also suggest calling them.

Are you using any topicals like Retin-A or anything that might be drying out your skin so badly? What about antibiotics?

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