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Dear Lillie:

Yes, my derm also told me to wear the tazorac for a minute and then wash off. But I wear it all night.
Because to be honest it just wasn't doing the trick on the 1 minute approach. If I notice I am getting a little too red or peely, I just put in on every other night.

Look on your tube and see what the percentage strength is. I bet you its 0.05%. That's not the highest.
If it is 0.05%, maybe you should try leaving it on for longer periods of time.

I don't use benzaclin. I use Klaron. It is very gentle and has a watery gel like consistancy.

So, what I do is put it on my cheeks and then put a couple of drops of foundation (I use loreal, oil free matt) together. I spread out the mixture and then pat my face to get rid of the streak marks. Just as it's about to set. I then dab a little more foundation on the redder spots of acne. I have a flawless cover.

This way I can wear make-up and my med at the same time.

My mom thinks I should become a camouflage make-up artist at the way I use make up and how I have perfected this technique.

My suggestion about the make up is to practice using watered down aloe vera gel and a liquid foundation to learn how to spread and pat. Once you figure this out you can see if it works with your med.

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