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i've been using the egg yolk mask for about 5 nights now. the first couple of days i didn't have any breakouts and i've noticed a definite decrease in the redness and oiliness. I have mild acne on my chin and forehead and moderate on my cheeks. Anyway, I thought this mask was really helping and maybe it is, but I have several newbies (mostly little slightly 'open' ones- nothing horrible or worse than usual). I read that the egg yolk is supposed to bring all the 'impurities' out of the skin at first, so i figure this is normal. I just want to make sure I'm not doing something that i'm going to regret...

i'd appreciate any input. thanks, guys.
I'm about in the same situation as you. I've been using it for 5 nights or so and the first couple of nights, I really saw improvement in the overall texture/appearance of my skin. Now, heading into I think the 6th night, I do have some new small big mothers or anything, just small bumps, kinda rashy looking. I don't know how long the "drawing of impurities" time period is supposed to last but perhaps someone who's been doing it longer could answer that. I figure I'll keep doing this awhile longer to get a sense of how effective the mask is over time. I probably didn't help you out other than to let you know that I'm in the same boat. Good luck!
RAG- thanks for responding. I was wondering-- I've read a couple times on the board that people with oily skin are supposed to use the white, people with dry skin should use the yolk. Do you have oily skin, and if so, is it more/less oily (or the same) as before you started the mask? The first day or two there was less oiliness but I can't really tell right now. grrr.

the lady who wrote in to ann landers didn't say if her skin was oily or dry or whatever...

so, if anyone could tell me if it matters which part of the egg you're supposed to use for oily skin and where you found your info, I'd appreciate it.
I just did a search on "egg yolk" and got ALL kinds of info on this subject.
i have oily skin, and researched the difference on egg yolk and white. even though, the white is better for oily skin, it doesn't have the same ingredients as the yolk so it will perform a different function. the yolk contains protein, vit A and fatty acids (so i read). the vit A is kind of similar to the effects of retin a, because of the obvious reason that they are both vit A. so that's why i tried the yolk even though i have oily skin. i only used it twice and it already affected my oiliness (felt oilier than less oily).

the white, (not sure what it is made up of) but helps tighten pores and makes the skin look clear.

if u want more info, do a search on egg facial mask.
Hey Guys,

I was wondering if the whole egg yolk thing works on the back?

Originally posted by Newbie:
Hey Guys,

I was wondering if the whole egg yolk thing works on the back?


i've read that it will under another post. i guess it all depends on the person, though...

it's worth trying.

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