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Originally posted by xKaShyLahx:
will i break out? (i cant afford to breakout because my acne is very mild)
do i have to pay for shipping?
how long goes it take to arrive to my house(i live in england)
i also would like you to tell me about you experience with it like what was your acne like before ? and how is it now? and how long did it take to see results?

Sage didn't cause any sort of breakout for me. It really seemed to calm my skin down alot, probably because these products are so gentle.

Yes, you pay for shipping.

I can't help any on how long it will take to arrive, but I know they are pretty quick to ship stuff out.

I saw a noticeable difference right away in how my skin looked. My skin became softer and smoother right away. As far as getting your acne cleared up, it's a gradual process, but you'll get there if you keep using it consistently. One thing I figured out after awhile is it didn't seem to be the right product for me personally. My acne isn't like it was when I was younger (I'm 37). I have lots of whiteheads and occasional cysts, but not that many real pimples. You know, the kind of eruption that's softer and gets filled with pus after awhile. Sage is perfect for those, but I don't really get them anymore. My type of acne is hardest to clear up and Sage didn't seem to be up to the task. For your normal, everyday acne it's good though.

One thing I will say, is that the cleanser and grains are awesome, better than anything out there. I'll be a customer for life just for those two products.

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