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I've had chronic acne ever since I was 12. I've been on Accutane, antibiotics, peels, topicals, and nothing worked. I've found some foods do aggravate the condition despite the fact most Dr's will tell you there's no link...well there is for me!! I've noticed, any carbonated drink (water too), dairy, and super sugary treats will cause breakouts. That's only part of the problem, if you have oily skin like I do you need to reduce the production of sebum in your skin, kill the bacteria that does form, and exfoliate. Here's how I've done it and believe me the results are shocking.

1. Read my diet related "triggers" above and reduce your exposure to these foods as much as possible.

2. Big one, stop smoking. Smoking causes big breakouts for me.

3. The big secret to my program, hydrogen peroxide twice a day. Yes, cheap drug store HP applied 2x a day, especially anytime you wash your face or shower.

4. The other secret to the program, exfoliate 2x a day with St. Ives walnut scrub, don't rub too hard but use it to clean and unplug your pores. This is a must to get the crud off your face that is allowing bacteria to grow.

5. If you do pop pimples, try to wait until its formed the "yellow head" as its easier to remove. ****Important, always always wash your hands with soap and dry before you even touch your face. Use a clean piece of TP btw your fingers then you MUST IMMEDIATELY apply Isopropyl Alcohol to the spot with a Q-tip. This will prevent the infection to spread, this has saved me so much agony, I swear this in itself is a big tip. In itself, the alcohol will dry up the pimple and speed up the clearing.

6. Moisturize with an "ultra premium" lotion like Shiseido that is non comedogenic (which means it won't cause breakouts), non oily, ect. DON'T use Oil of Olay, Loreal, or other drug store brands!!! That stuff is wax and you might as well use Crisco! Try to use ultra premium makeup when possible. Clean your sponges and brushes as frequently as possible. Every time you use them, they start to grow bacteria.

7. If you eat oily foods (salad dressings, burgers, oils, ect), wash your face with a really good facial wash immediately each and every time. I swear by Biore's foaming liquid cleanser, you don't need to use a lot, just make sure you cover every inch of your face when you clean, don't do a half *** job when cleaning your face. This is also for going to the gym or working out. Its best to shower of course, but in a jam at least clean your face thoroughly.

9. Always keep your glasses, cell and home phone clean, use Windenx. Big pimple causer. Also, wash those pillow cases!!! Try not to sleep on your face if possible or change your case nightly. I just put a clean soft T-shirt over the pillow if I need to put my face on it. Keep hair products off your face, hairsprays, pomades, ect.

8. The last step to really good skin is to use sunscreen with at least 30 SPA that is non-comdengenic/oily and pat it over your face, esp. nose. Use products with the new Kinetin in it to keep your face new and glowing. The very best I've found is Body Shops Illuminating Face Treatment w/ Kinetin for $25 and it will last for at least 2 months, you don't need a lot.

9. Anytime I touch my face, to apply moisturizer, makeup, sunscreen, ect, my hands have been washed with soap and dried off. I no longer even need to squeeze my face because its almost porcelain clean now and I have no acne!!!!

There you have it folks, you should be seeing an improvement in 1 week, try not to pick until you wait at least a week (well try not to pick at all!). I always swore to myself if I ever found a good cure for acne I would post it. Believe me I'm estatic that it works, I'm saving $1000's because I was getting facials and microdermabrasion because nothing else worked. I'm not hawking anything also. Please feel free to pass this along or try it for yourself. )

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