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5mg per day for 4 months might not do anything for you. But, if it does, make sure you keep us posted. The lowest I've heard of was 20mg per day for 6 months.

I never even knew they made 5mg pills, is it roaccutane or accutane? They're both the same product, just roaccutane is obtained in countries outside of the U.S., figured maybe that's why they have different dosaged pills.
The equivilent over is roaccutna and they come in 5 and 20mg. i tend to disagree with the fact that i will have to stay on it to keep the acne under control. ok maybe it is a little low, i might exceed it to 20mg every other day for three months. what about that????????? that means i will take 1200mg in total!
sorry i meant to say the equivilent here in the UK, is roaccutane and that comes in 5mg and 20mg
Did you consult a doctor or dermo to get roaccutane or have you bought it over the black market?

If your dermo prescribed 5mg a day, go along with what he says and see what happens.

If you got it illegally, why are you afraid of taking 20mg per day? You won't be getting blood work done, so really, you won't know if it'll be effecting your liver. It's not like you'll drop dead...

A majority of people who take accutane don't harsh side effects like the ones you read about in the newspaper/posted about. Those are just very rare cases.

As I said before, I had a friend who used roaccutane at 20mg per day for 6 months, he told me the only side effects he had were dry lips and dry skin. That's all.

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