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I have had glycolic peels beforee and also I plan to have more as I feel they are beneficial for your complexion and overall skin condition. First of all you need to find a doctor who has done these types of peels before. Such as a dermatologist. They have different strengths and you might want to have your first one at a lower strength if you are especially sensitive. I had mine at 70% which causes more redness and flaking. You can expect to leave the office with a pretty pink-red face. Slowly the redness subsides over the next few days and your face starts flaking as if you had really dry skin. But it takes a few days for it to stat flaking. After that then you have smooth soft skin. Now bear in mind that you aren't going to see perfect results from just one peel. It may take a few peels depending on the strength you get to see your desired results. Also it depends on how deep your scars are. If it is mostly discolorations or light indentations then this is probably for you but on the other hand if you have deep scars you may need to see a plastic surgeon for a stronger type of peel. Also I don't see why you couldn't have it done just on your forehead if that is what you really want but I like to have them on the whole face as I feel it helps to prevent future breakouts and in general evens out your complexion. Well I hope I've answered your questions. Remember to find a doctor who knows what he is doing as it is possible to have an adverse reaction to this treatment.

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