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To any of you struggling with Accutane, I just want to tell you that, yes, it is hard to get through the treatment, but it is so worth it! I've been off Accutane for two years now. I feel like a different person. I get a zit maybe once or twice a month (around my cycle) but that is IT! Before Accutane, I had hundreds and hundreds...I felt like a monster.

I was on 60 mg a day. And OMG, were there a lot of side effects! There were days that I wanted to give up, but I'm glad I didn't, and if someday my acne came back, I'd happily do it again. That's how good it works!

I can offer a few "comfort" recommendations if your interested...

-aquaphor is by far the best product for dry lips. It is a healing ointment that comes in a 6 ounce tube. It doesn't dry out and make the problem worse like so many other lip balms.

-a good facial moisturizer like nuetrogena is very helpful, especially for the uncomfortable redness you get early on.

-a good body lotion like cetaphil is great for dry skin. Here's a trick I learned from another message board...put the lotion on right after your bath or shower BEFORE you dry off. When you apply it to wet skin, it works much better. You'll LOVE the results!

-drink lots and lots of water...I mean, pretend you are a fish! You're body will thank you!!!!

-please, avoid will turn you into a prune and you will be miserable! Also, this is a good time to avoid facial make-up which will only aggrivate your tender skin.

-your eyes may dry out. Mine were awful, especially the longer I was on the drug. You may need to keep eyedrops on hand, but they may not be enough at night. You may have to use eye ointment. It's gross, but is you use it right before you go to sleep, it's no big deal. It's thick, so you can't really use it during the day.

-don't be surprised if the skin around your fingernails crack and bleed. This is normal. Use a lot of lotion. Avoid harsh chemicals and don't over-wash your hands!

-A good gental cleansing bar is "cetaphil." It's very very mild and your skin will like it more than the more harsh bar soaps out there.

I hope this helps anyone who is suffering from some of the accutane side effects. Please know that the symptoms pass after you stop taking the drug. Most of the side effects go away within days. The lips may last a few weeks after treatment. It's worth it, though!

Good luck!

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