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I've noticed that there are lots of good posts on this board but for some reason, most go ignored or are scoffed at. The thing I've learned is that not many "kids" are interested in the long term but only the "right now!"

He he, I'm a kid myself (21) but it took time and KNOWLEDGE for me to understand that diet and hormones have a connection, among other things. That the ONLY way to "cure" acne is to make some sort of lifestyle change internally more so than externally (antibiotics and accutane may work, but are still temporary).

It's not until you've truly suffered enough (that varies of course) that you decide you want to focus on something that might help you in the long term (I wish I knew what it was). So, it may take 2 weeks to 3 months before you get the results, but at least you know that you've given it a somewhat fair chance to work or not work.

Obviously there are things that might break you out (possibly temporary) within a few days or weeks, so if you're allergic they should be dropped. However, I cringe when I hear how excited someone is about a product they've only used or avoided for 2 days. That's not a good idea. Quck fixes are great, but can be expensive, and sometimes they wear out...

So, let's just say for the sake of simplicity that there are 2 types of people who breakout.

The first type are those going through puberty.

The second type are those who normally shouldn't have reached "puberty" or are beyond it.

Which type are you?

If you are the type that is going through puberty, I hate to break it to you, but you ARE going to matter what. You may breakout terribly for a few years or maybe have just one teeny tiny zit a year, but you are going to breakout. When you find products that work for you to help prevent/control your breakouts that is GREAT! I definately believe that a variety of factors can aggrivate your breakouts and you may be able to find them and futher control your acne.

On the other hand, if you are the 2nd type, solutions coming from those that are going through puberty, probably won't be the "be all and end all" Obviously something more than "temporarily screwy hormones" is at play. Therefore we may have to see if it's our cosmetics, skincare, hair care, soap, detergent, fabric softener, etc. If that doesn't work then we may have to adjust our diets, change vitamin & supplement intake, or take certain medications before we can control/stop our acne.

If we are still breaking out despite using the topicals and adjusting what we use internally & externally then there is still something wrong, something we have missed.... Who knows maybe it is in the water (I drink purified, but I don't wash with purified) or maybe it's in the air or elsewhere in our environment.

The thing is that what causes acne can be unique to each one of us and listening to someone who's only going through puberty may not solve your problem. Yet, someone going through puberty who listens to someone who's had acne for 10 years or more, may find that those "solutions" arent neccessary for them. Just remember to think about where your sources are coming from and that there are unofficial "steps" to solving this age old problem and usually we tend to take the easiest way out first so:

You start noticing that you're breaking out (like I was six)

1. avoid junk food

2. use otc topicals/homemade remedies

3. exercise/lose weight

4. Dermatoligist/prescription topicals

5. antibiotics or accutane

6. avoiding what you are allergic to (cosmetics, detergent, fabric, etc)

7. take (more) vitamins, herbs, etc

8. puberty ends and you start to get fed up and decide to pay more attention (depression, ADD, anemia, hair loss, under/overwieght, dental problems, weakness/tired, pains, etc)

9. Begin to see a connection to acne and other little problems you have and try to get a diagnosis (for a specific hormonal disorder)

10. See an Endricrinologist/Internal Medicine/Regular doctor

11. Get hormones, etc tested

12. Hopefully Get Diagnosed...Do you have Irritable Bowl Syndrome, PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, Celiac, Crohns Disease, Wilson's Disease, Hypercortisolism, other Autoimmune diseases, other Endocrinologicial disorders, etc?

13. use medicines (birth control, spiro, insulin, etc)

14. Still breaking out (face or all over your body)?

15. Change diet again, eating more "healthy"

16. Go organic or vegetarian, vegan

17. "Knowledge is power" so start to do more Research or work with a Nutritionisti/Holistic Doctor

18. Yoga, accupuncture, meditation, sleep more, etc

19. Hmm... could toxins, parasites, or internal yeast be a problem (all those antibiotics we took)?

20. Detox, fast, etc

21. Work on elimination- Avoid things you are allergic/intolerant to like bananas, nuts, seafood, dairy, wheat, lectins, gluten, etc (some of these you can be tested for)

22. Anything else?

LOL, see there are soooo many things we can do, BUT how many of us have actually tested them out faithfully?

I most certainly haven't tried every medicine, method, etc, because I knew some of them weren't related to my condition. Using things that aren't related to your specific condition usually WILL NOT help. Hence why some things work for some people and for others it does nothing. Of course since symptoms overlap, you can always be misdiagnosed too.

However, I've certainly gone through all of those steps faithfully for several weeks, months or years and with some varying degrees of success, but I still have acne (seems like everywhere). So, while I'm taking 2 prescriptions and vitamins, I'm also on Step# 21, will it be my answer? I'll let you know in a few months...

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