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yup, i went from 5g B5 (which I was on staight for 8 months) down to 1.5g of it a day, and BAM worst breakout since the one I got from accutane, it SUCKED...Only thing that could fix it was...

I went the Oldguy approach, and started using fat soluble antioxidants whilst on B5, and went from 5g to 4g then 2.5, and now just 1g, and my skin is oily like it used to be, but NOT 1 zit AT ALL, totally clear skin! the b5 stops the oil, which in turn keeps pores dry, so the sebum that would normally be there wont oxidize, which would make cysts if it did oxidize...taking a fat soluble antioxidant stops that reaction, and though the oil will return (because B5, metabolizes or somehow gets rid of it internally before it can be let out of the skin).

The fat soluble AO's I take are squalene (1g tabs), to be taken with each meal, so if you eat 3-4 meals a day u take that much, but dont worry about snacks, u dont gotta take it with that, in fact only take it with a fatty meal, like if ur eating a salad with vinegar or a small amount of olive oil, dont worry about taking it, but if ur eating a sandwich with tuna or chicken or turkey, take it with that

Though I suggest you avoid these foods totally, as they WILL give you acne (either from oxidized cholesterol/lipids or through free radical release in the body, which will cause HEAVY oxidation):

Cheese, any type (!!!)
whole milk (and all dairy, but if u must, get 2%, nothing lower or higher)

any barbequed meat (ANY, this is by far some of the worst for acne, and health for that matter)

soda/sugar candy (high refined sugar concentrations will cause glucose spikes, resulting in, you guessed, oxidation)

certain beans, white bread (try and get whole wheat bread instead), and spreads that have hydrogenated oils or oxidized oils in them (like non natural peanut butter ie skippy brand)

ANY foods that contain hydrgenated oils (also goes by the name vegetable shortning, leavening, trans fats), they are PURELY oxidized, damaged, undigestable and the most refined type of oil you could eat next to motor oil!

good luck!

And getting off of B5 is a big accomplishment for me, I am finally able to put some of the weight I loset back on, and dont have to take 10-12 pills a day!

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