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Gymrat or anyone else with hormonal acne.
I broke out with this horrible acne on my chin and chin only last January and I'm talking cystic acne and puss pimples and all. I had always had real clear skin. I am 27. It was horrid, I hid in the house for months and tried the pill right away and after three months it went away but I didn't start doxycycline and benzoyle peroxide and metro gel until the last month. I started the tetracycline right off the bat and it did nothing. Doxy in stronger. I'm not sure if it was the pill of the doxy and topical treatments that helped but the combination of the two got rid of it. I fear it is going to come back but I would try doxycycline and topical gels to kill bacteria.
You have got to get a strong antibiotic like doxy to clear the infection because that is what it becomes and it is like a staff infection on the skin that spreads.

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