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Hey there,
AT one point I had a list, but to be honest, practically any vitamin can be useful against acne. Certain vitamins do certain things, so it really depends on what kind of acne you have and where the imbalance is in your body. Now, that is not to say that you shouldn't take a blend of them most vitamins for BEST results. However, for a few months now, I've been hearing about a detox formula that helps with acne (some have B5).

This is known as a heavy metal detox. It doesn't require LARGE amounts of ALL the "right" supplements for acne, but only a select few. These are known to be excellent liver detoxifiers and antioxidants, among other things. The goal is to cleanse your body internally so that you're body will be better able to properly metabolize foods & nutrients, that it previously wasn't. This seems to work for both teenagers and adults (well at least those who TRY it). Just make sure you up your fiber intake (eat more fruits and veggies--no diet change is required) to minimize any possible detox effects and include the following supplements:

Vitamin C 1,000mg - 4,000mg
Vitamin B6 50mg - 100mg
Vitamin B3 50mg - 150mg
Zinc 30mg
Molybdenum 75mcg - 150mcg
Manganese 10mg - 20mg

N-acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)- 250mg - 500mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) - 100mg - 200mg
(pick one or take both)

Of course there are other detoxifing supplements such a Sodium Alginate, L-cysteine, Lysine, Glutathionine, etc. However, below are some of the brands that you can find some of the above ingredients in and/or you can take a good HIGH potency multiple (cut the dose in half to save money):

Detox Formulas:
Coenzyme A Master Nutrient

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Detox Formula

Andrew Lessman Maximum Complete

Amni Added Protection III (or other multi)

Nutraceutical Sciences Institute Multis (NSI)

Life Essentials Multi (same formula as below, but less money)

LEF Life Essential Mix

I'm following a Gluten Free diet and Taking Spiro and I'm 95% clear. While I believe in my diet, it doesn't make my hair grow more or give me energy, so I just ordered the Life Essential Mix. I would have bought the other one, but I don't like swallowing tablets ;-)

I've used Naturally Clear off and on, but it severely lacks in other vital nutrients (Calcium, Magnesium, etc) and doesn't have enough of the Helpful nutrients to clear our skin. In face, another problem with WHY a multivitamin may not be working for you is because most of us at one point in our lives have purchased those "one a days". Well 1 capsule can NEVER contain all the Calcium you need, let alone the other 20 - 30 nutrients our bodies require daily.

Obviously since you've heard about poeple taking LARGE amounts of B5 or MSM (works similary), you should already know that regular multivitamins don't have the "required" amounts that Acne sufferers need in order to improve or clear our skin. While I believe dosages are relative to the individual, if you want the results reported by a specific clinical study, you MUST at least start at that particular dose. Now, this applies to ANYTHING you take internally, otherwise, you may not get the results you were expecting.

Of course you can always start low and slowly increase your dosage if you want to minimize possible detox/adjustment effects, but make sure to hit that specific dosage amount before giving up ;-)

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