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4th Theory


These cause inflammation and autoimmune response in your body. They can act as insulin-mimickers and bind to certain proteins and carbohydrates. They cause your body to attack itself and as a result a variety of hormonal and physical problesm result (diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, etc) The Lectin-Free diet is quite restrictive and there doesn't seem to be a list as of it, because it depends on YOUR own body. However this is what I got out of it:

No grains (soy,wheat, barely, rice, corn, oats, etc)
No bananas
No Nightshades (tomatos, potatoes, egg plant, chilis, bell pepper)
No Legumes (beans, peanuts, soy)
No Starch (corn, potatoes, some veggis)

Eat Non-Starchy Vegetables
Eat Fruit
Eat Meat, chicken, fish, etc

So maybe this explains why certan diets work for certain people. Then again, maybe some people are less sensitive and will only need to give up

individual foods (bananas, or nuts, or dairy).

Others may need to give up ALL wheat,

Others may need to give up ALL Glutens,

Others may need to give up ALL Grains

Others may need to give up ALL (bad) Lectins.

As you can see, each diet is more "restrictive" than the last, but allows more freedom to experiment. If you want to try one of the above and have not been tested to determine if you are a candidate (there is no test for lectins), you must try one of those diets for 2-4 weeks. If symptoms don't improve move onto the next level of "diet" until you see a change.

Or you can go on an Elimination Diet. Where you start out with the Lectins diet and go 2 weeks (or more) without any of the foods I listed previously. Once you're skin has cleared, slowly start adding in foods. Add in one type of food, like wheat, and eat it everyday for a week, if nothing happens keep it. If you breakout or feel worse, then you can drop it or limit your intake. Continue doing this with each individual food item.

The Lectin-Free diet is the most strict but word has it (from actual people on the diet including a research scientist) that it's the MOST effective, as in 100% clear, for those that are extremely sensitive (when Gluten-Free didn't clear them)

Like I mentioned earlier (only I'm going to change the order) Lectins are found everywhere, but only certain ones are considered bad. So when people give up Wheat they are eliminating several possible aggrevators since Lectins are found in Grasses, Grains, Carbohydrates, Glutenous Foods, and High Copper foods (too much can create acne too)--All of which defines wheat (other grains too)!!! So we should all see improvement by following one of the above diets.

5th Theory

This is exactly what is wrong with some of us. Depending on our ethnicity (cultural backgrounds) this could be more or less of an issue. Basically some cultures don't have the same problems as Americans (U.S.) do because they follow a different diet. One that's more natural, less preservatives, and contains less allergens (wheat, gluten, etc). OR their bodies evolved to eat the above allergens, but some of ours haven't. So Jug, the fact that your food was pureed helped your body process it better. The fact that you got more nutrients (B6 and magnesium help some) is also the key.

Yes, I've heard that taking Digestive Enzymes will help some people (helps with Autism), but it's not neccessarily treating the root this case, avoiding the aggrevators might be healthier (gluten, casein, etc)

Yes, I've heard that fiber will help some people too. However most people said it helped them because they had Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Constipation. Give it a try though. Up your fibrous fruits, vegetables, and Fiber supplement. However, make sure it doesn't contain gluten fiber (might not help if it does).

There's also this thing called "Leaky Gut Syndrome" which basically can cause AutoImmune Disorders, digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, yeast infections, weakness, bacterial infections etc. Basically by eating aggrevating foods, our stomach lining has been worn and now food particles can pass into our blood stream creating a host of problems.

If you stop eating the wheat, gluten, casein, or lectins your gut will eventually heal. After it has healed, some people have been able to eat dairy again, but you can't eat wheat or gluten because it will cause that problem all over again!!!

There are supplements that help to speed up the healing process (of your stomach lining):

N-Acetyl Glucosamine--NAG unbinds lectins from carbs, particularly wheat

Kelp (fucus vesiculosis)

Laminaria (another form of kelp)

Larch Arabinogalactan (ARA6)--source of dietary fiber and nutrition for friendly bacteria

Aloe Vera

Probiotics--helps with the infections caused by this

Well I hope I helped some of you out. Of course stress and the placebo effect can play a role but these seem the most possible for some of us. Despite being on meds, I still breakout so my doc. upped my Avandia and is testing me for some other things including Celiac Sprue Disease. Anyway, I don't know EVERYTHING because lectins is new one (my doc isn't even aware of some of the developements but acknowledges that certain ones do cause problems), but if you have any questions, I'll try and answer with what I know.

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