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Uggh, that's why I decided to follow the Gluten Free diet. It eliminates half the carbs, some of which are troublesome for those with Allergies/Intolerances and my skin is happy. Automatically, I drank practically nothing but water (not even 100% fruit juice do I want much). I crave less sugar, eat far less sugary stuff, but I still get plenty of it in my diet.

Vegetables, fruits, some beans, rice, corn, and a few other safe grains all still provide me with carbs. IT's sorta the easy -hard way to avoid carbs. Hard as in, Gluten is in 90% of food (homemade, or fast food). Easy, because all you've gotta do is avoid Wheat, barley, rye since these are the main culprits (there's a few more). ;-)

Not to mention, I've read and heard that Gluten is an Insulin mimicker (so you don't want it) and that other people who actually are Celiacs (gluten intolerant), most found that they cleared their acne on this diet as well.

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Sweetjade, could you give me a website or some additional info on this Gluten Free diet?? where did u get this diet from? and is it accesible on the net? Also has it been working on you?
I think given ur stomach a break from eating can be good for your acne, (hence: fasting) I donno i have tried this and it helps I guess. Now this may sound a little pathetic, but do u people think that masturbation could agrevate acne???
21 and Alive,
All I can say is that I'm 90% clear now. Prior to avoidance, I got tested to see if I was a Celiac, and the test was negative. However, my doctor didn't run all the tests, nor did I have an endoscopy to check for intestinal villi damage. Some people can be asymptomatic, showing no outward symptoms and thats where the endoscopy can be the key. Others can be deficient in IgA antibodies, and that could also be why one could test negative.

However, I do have antibodies to gluten/gliaden. I just don't make enough to be deemed a Celiac. Ive seen healthy people's test results and they too had these antibodies. There's a test that checks for IgG antibodies that's "overly sensitive", or so they feel. Basically, more people would be diagnosed as Celiac if they followed this test. For some reason the medical industry refuses to consider the possibility that if "healthy" people have antibodies to gluten, then maybe none of us should be eating it!

My take on this whole thing is that it doesn't hurt to experiment, but Do NOT starve yourself. I've gotten so many testimonies and articles linking Gluten (certain lectins and other foods) with acne, eczema, diabetes, chronic fatigue, constipation, irribtle bowel syndrome, allergies, autoimmune disorders, etc. Food is VERY relevant to these individuals.

I avoid Gluten and certain problem lectins (peanuts, cashews, bananas, raw tomatos, most beans). I love bananas and if there's nothing in the house for me to eat, I will and have eaten them. I'm much more adamant about avoiding gluten (99.9%)than the lectins, but do you know what these two have in common? They're in certain carbohydrates. Hence, even my doctor agrees that avoidance of ALL carbs is not a good idea. That maybe only certain ones are nessecary, and this is also my own viewpoint based on experience, knowledge and testimonies.

Most of the greatest discoveries were by accident. Most people don't experience a "placebo effect" because they weren't taking the herbs, meds, or even changing thier diet for reasons other than what they were specified for. Yet, I learned that Avandia eliminted my menstrual cramps. That Gingko biloba is a good alternative to that (been on it for 4 years). That Spirinoloactone and Accutane are good at clearing up certain peoples acne. That somehow, antibotics can do the same thing! So why not food? ;-)

If you do a search on this board, you will find information that I've posted before on this. Look for Gluten, Lectin, Intolerance, and Allergies. I will say that Gluten Free diet is less restrictive than an "evil" Lectin Free diet. One of the main differences is that a Lectin diet eliminates all grains whereas the GF diet eliminates only certain ones. There's books published on diets avoiding grains, and the only book I know of that talks about lectins and gluten in the diet is "Eat Right 4 Your Type." Most people follow the Type O or B plan because these are the ones that avoid these foods, yet MOST people in general are type O or B to begin with...hmmmmm. Anyway, there's plenty of information out there, all you've gotta do is look for it =)

I need to go mail some stuff, but if you have anymore questions, just ask.
If you cook the food yourself, it shouldn't cost more than it normally would. Heck, I still eat fast food (taco bell), ribs, salads, fries. I'm not perfect on this diet, but I avoid the "troublesome" ingredients. I stick to a GF diet 99.9999% of the time. That.0001% is only if I am eating out at a resturant where contamination is possible, or when I get hungery enough that I don't care about the soy sauce (wheat, soy, other ingredients in it) in chinese food (there is a yummy GF soy sauce).

You definately don't have to starve yourself. Look up Kinninick foods. They have sampler packages, cereal (regular cereal is cheaper than GF or organic....rice crispies, corn pops, oatmeal). They are the most affordable FRESHLY made company out there there. Yes, they are in Canada, but I live in the U.S. and they still offered only $10 flat shipping ;-)

Most important thing is that you must learn to read ingredient labels. MCDonalds is good about providing their lists online. Other fast food companies may do the same or simply tell you what is GF. There are lots of brands at your local grocery store that are also GF, Campbells, Hormel...but NOT all of their products are GF. Look for Gluten-Free or Wheat-Free labels on packages. Your best bet is an Natural Food Store, unless your grocery store sells GF brands. Otherwise to some searching online and find a Celiac or Gluten Free organization. They will direct you to lists of GF or Wheat free brands in your local supermarket.

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