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I am using carley's smooth and clear. Just I was a bit confused, about useing it with other produts, here is an info, from the guy who is selling it:

Hello ,
I just received your product and I am very excited to start using it.
Just I am a little confused. English is not my first language, so I am not sure I understand everything right. I would apppreciate if you would answer a coulpe of questions.
1. Is your product good for removing makeup?

you can try it, if not just use cold cream or anything that is not medicated

Or should I use or gentle makeup remover, before?
2. After I wash may face with your cleanser, I have to use natural soap, after?

we ask you to do that for a week or so and then use what you were using before to test to see if you are allergic to store bought soaps. Only about 10% are

3. I am using Queen Juliene Mint Mask, evey third day, can I still use it? Can i leave on my acne overnight?

skip that for a couple of weeks, most likely you won't want to use it again.

4. I am using Aqua Glycolic face cream In the mornings, should I stop using it? Could you offer another product to replace it?

no never use that stuff. Just soap and water

5. In evening, after I wash my face i used to put aloe vera gel, and jojoba on top of it, I hope its ok, to use them together with your product?

most likely of, but we only using a moisturizer when your skin feels dry. I'm concerned about other ingredients in these products, but most likely they are ok. If you don't soon see some clearing they you will have to stop using all other products and discover what you are allergic to.

6. Is Carleys smooth and clear, will help me with a red marks I have on my face? Discoloration? Scars?
Scars if they are deep are usually permanent, red marks usually go away after your skin clears up.

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